Monday, 3 December 2007

Silly Silly Topshop

It really is just my luck, things never happen conveniently for me and on the VERY rare occasion that they do i literally praise the lord and i'm not even religious, for example when walking to a zebra crossing and the green man appears instead of the red the praying begins. At the time of my prom no such convenience came about, my dress was too small so my grandma had to readjust the seems - oh what a nightmare! Although the main dilemma was finding a fabulously multi-coloured necklace to brighten up my monochrome dress, i hunted high and low i did, from manchester to huddersfield and meadowhall to leeds just to find the perfect necklace. Nothing became of my search - until almost a year later whence i stubbled upon this mighty delight! It does not seem all that wonderful but it truly would have looked splendid with my prom dress, but no no topshop go and invent it about a year after it could have fulfilled its true purpose in life and most impotantly when i cannot afford it. It costs £10, but that is ten pounds i desperately need. Silly Silly Topshop.