Saturday, 20 December 2008

Urgent Advice Needed.

I received a letter today from a university inviting me to an interview on the 14th January. This makes me feel sick with nerves. I've applied for a fashion and textiles course and so have to take a portfolio. This makes me panic. I have no time. it's less than a month away and i have to start producing some decent independent work. It's my first choice university and the only interview I've yet been informed of.

If anyone has any advice at all about interviews, especially if it's a interview for a fashion and textiles course at university, it would be greatly appreciated!

Goodness me this last two days have been emotional. I'm incredibly anxious, elated, nervous, happy, panicy about this interview AND i fell madly in love yesterday. Not a good combination, i just can't think straight.

The man in question is indeed Mr Robert Thomas-Pattinson.

All 3 of us fell in love with him yesterday. Susan and Wendy-May have liked him a lot since his Cedric Diggory days, for me it's been more recent.

I could look at him all day, everyday....

And he's very stylish. I believe he might just be perfect....

Looking at these pictures has calmed me somewhat.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

So the Clotheshow was pretty good actually.

It was the fourth year in a row for me and Pam and it didn't start off too well. We went with college, which was wierd, so we went on a tiny mini bus thing with this painfully annoying girl who thinks she invented shiny leggings. and does not shut up. ever. It's strange how a year ago we got dirty looks when wearing black PVC on our legs, now it's painfully common.

Here is what we wore:

Wendy-May: Satin trounsers - Primark, Boots - ebay, Black lace top - vintage, white lace - who knows, green top - Topshop, Jacket - Warehouse, Necklaces - vintage.

Susan, aka me: long sleeve top, oh they're different, well they're both Primark anyway, dress - vintage, waistcoat - Oasis, leggings, bag and boots TK Maxx (I happen to be waering everything I've ever bought from there at once.)

Pamela: Orange top - H&M, white tshirt - Gap, blousey thing - Zara, Skirt - vintage, tights - M&S, shoes - Susan's Nan, bag - vintage.

Well anyway it got better, though most of it is a bit 'print dresses and tshirts' we managed to get a few lovely things. But the real joy was the Motorola catwalk which we happened upon. Because Pam was there for 'Textiles research' and me for art, there was a spare place so thankfully Wendy-may could tag along, we had to look at all the little shows. Woo for that. It turned out it was the 20th anniversary of the clotheshow so major desgners were being shown on the catwalk. There was a titchy crowd so we were mere feet away from A/W 20078 collections! And excellently one of them was Gareth Pugh who I'm studying for art! Also Hilary Alexander was presenting the show and we walked past her behind the stage. I said hello and she said she liked my gold leggings so that was nice.

The show!

First up was Dolce and Gabana...

Then Burberry with the super hats...

OMG Christopher Kane!!!

Followed by a Jean Charles de Castelbajac...

And then... Well it was only John frickin Galliano!
And then Kenzo, which I never actually looked at before but will now...

Eek! Gareth Pugh, it was pretty amazing becasue I've been studying his work but never thought I'd get to set it in real life...

And finally Giles Deacon, I have about 10 pictures of that red dress, it was very lovely.

And I will finish with a picture of the always charming Vernon kaye.

Oh christmas! It is soon!! This week I will be wearing festive themed outfits so I will post some pictures! We're having a christmas day on Friday at dear Wendy-May's so I will be high on christmas spirit and christmas spirits! And now I'm off to paint my nails red, green and gold!