Monday, 28 July 2008

UCCA, Epsom Graduates 2008 Shows

I came across some photos of the fashion graduates at Epsom Creative Arts University a while back, the shows were over a month ago now but i've only just gotten around to post about them. So here we go.....
I picked out a few of my favourites though all of the collections are amazing.

Edina Ozary

Kayleigh Hills

Kayleigh Hills

Laurel Robinson

Laurel Robinson

Christina Zahra

Emma Avery

Lauren Badiali

Monica Law

I couldn't pick a favourite although I do love the colours in Kayleigh Hills collection and the leather in Lauren Badiali's but I also love the unusualness of Monica Law's. Oh I cannot choose but one! I got the pictures from this website that my college has signed all the Textiles students up for,, i think your school/college/uni has to email a request to join it, you can't just join from home i don't think. Anyway it's pretty good, a bit behind on the news front but they have some really amazing photographs to look at. i will try to post some photos i find on it soon, they may be pretty random but nice to look at all the same.

Now to R.O.F.Y. news. We shall be changing it a bit, just tweaking the appearence. I'm only posting about this so that it'll make it official. We've been going to make the changes for quite a long time now but have been too lazy to get round to it. By telling you about it, we now have to do it and soon! So hopefully within the next week or so there shall be change!

Also I'm currently working on shortening this new strapless dress i bought from a charity shop. I will hopefully post some pictures of it once i get it done. I'm so unmotivated it's untrue! I am blaming the hot weather for making me so lazy!! Hope everyone is enjoying it as much as we are.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Happy Birthday Miss A!

This week was a very dear friends birthday! So naturally we celebrated in style. And naturally I have some outfits to show of Pammy, Susan and I.

Pammy wore:

Susan wore:
I wore:

The skirt is vintage and I love it! Wasn't going to get it but at £10 I am glad I did! The top is our dear birthday friend's and pretty much loved by us 3 and her as it only cost 10p!!

A while ago I posted about my topshop cravings. Well now the number of cravings has decreased as I got one of the pairs of jeans and they are lovely. Hopefully this time they will stay skinny, they seem to be holding up well.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Jeans of dreams

To say I'm not really a jeans wearing person I have a lot of pairs. 12 pairs in fact, the latest addition to the countbeing these bad boys. Seriously, I have to call them 'bad boys', they're frickin awesome and they fit like a dream.
And how much did they set me back? £5. Actually most of my jeans were around the £5 mark. Our local vintage shop is having a massive half price sale, which is quite distressing in some ways as they might not be doing so well, but very good for us! They're by Arrow Jeans, no idea, and are unisex. nice. My clothes often get nicknames for example my 'peter pan top' and my 'pagan dress', these shall be known as my Swedish jeans.
Sister Libby gave us a blog award thing and worte some lovely things about us, which is just about the most splendid thing ever. And she called us 'cheeky' which is my favourite word at the moment. She has excellent taste in everything and her posts make me laugh out loud (I'm trying to cut down on LOL) if you haven't checked out her blog go now! Ice Cube Confidential

I've got my first driving lesson tonight, hey it's only been 10 months since my birthday, it's progress, so if you don't hear from me for a while I've crashed and/or knocked a pedestrian down.

Actually I'm going to my Nan's for a while so that's where I'll be. There's loads of charity shops in her village so I'll go on a charity shop binge.
Have a nice evening. And eat some Lindt Chili chocolate, sounds disgusting but its damn tasty, and fiery.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Prams, Pudding and Puzzles

The 3 P's that made our trip to London pretty damn funny!! Firstly, Prams! Whilst walking to see Twelfth Night a pram went on the run! Susan saved the day though by warning people, sending one of our group running across the road to rescue it....only there was no baby in it. But there could of been! Secondly Pudding! Whilst watching (well semi watching) Twelfth Night we decided it was time to eat the trifle we were given for free earlier in the day. I opened my trifle, only to have it explode over my face and hair! Lovely. And finally Puzzles....need I say more, puzzle books make a coach journey go a lot quicker!
Now for the outfits of the weekend!
Myself:So today, before we left we got to go shopping in Covent Gardern, only the shops didnt open till 12 and we had to be back on the coach for 1! Pop didn't even open til 1, so we didnt manage to go in there. So we hurried around like loons and 45mins later I had these in my hands:

The socks were a bargain!Orginally £14 each, i got 3 for £10! Saving me £32 which is always lovely! Over all it was a good little trip! x

Monday, 7 July 2008

London baby!!

We're going to London this weekend, if one more person says 'to buy heat magazine' it will be the end of me. We're going on a college trip which has no pretence of being even slightly educational, well we are going to the Globe theatre and seeing a play there but we are also going to see Wicked and going shopping in Covent garden! heck what joy. But what the frick to pack? Us three will most likely all have massive suitcases and everyone else will have some little titchy bags. I realise this makes us sound a bit more country than we are, we do actually leave Yorkshire more than once a year.

Sooo, shopping in Covent garden. Where is good to go? Between us we know our way around but we have limited time. Are there any good vintage places? Any help will be muchly appreciated.

Some pictures which I meant to post but I broke the camera a bit. So now when I pout the pictures onto the computer I have to transfer the memory card to the old camera which I also broke a bit...
My mum's shoes which I hated as a child but I started thinking about the other day so I went on a hunt to find them. They pinch a bit as I have big feet. This is not helped by the pointyness.With this outfit I wore a headband. Finally. Probably looked like an odd one but it's been a long time coming. Wearing a headband I mean, I look odd a lot of the time... Unfortunatly this is not my skirt.
Inspiration from Etro S/S 08 and wearing Wendy-May's shirt.It was chilly. And I was a bit over dressed for a country park.
I think I fell backwards here... how embarassing. That will teach me not to take so many pictures of myself.
The shirt/blouse thing is apparently something a nurse or air hostess would wear according to college friends. I just nod and smile when people say these things.
Denim dress. £3.50. Splendid. Pam's blousey thing.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Space legs.

One day I will get over my love for balenciaga. But it will not be today.
Rarely is anything ever entirely new in fashion, I think that's safe to say. Styles and fashions go round in circles and things are updated and modernized but they're always based on something that has gone in the past.
However a comment someone made about Balenciaga, if anyone knows who it is do tell because my memory is like a sieve you know, and how Nicholas Ghesquire had invented a new shape or style. I thought, my god he/she's right! Designers have created futuristic pieces for ages and it does carry on in the same vein as this, but it is different. I could be wrong, I've only just got into high fashion in the last few years, but I don't think anything quite like it has been created before.

I've concentrated on the tailored trousers as I have an ulterior motive, I think other designers are feeling the trouser related vibe. I think it's silk over some kind of foam material. Obviously not actual foam, but again, if anyone knows please tell me. I need to write these things down...

And look, he's started something....
And I'm sure others have done it but guess what? I can't remember. Sorry for how udelessly vague I have been but I think I'm still a bit drunk and I have to go and waitress for a barn dance in a couple of hours.
On a final note, Stephanie from Fashion Robot, who is extremely stylish and does the craziest but most awesome poses I have ever seen, asked where Pamela got her blue wedges from. I will share this with you all because these shoes have become rather well known to our friends and acquaintances. They were Fifty pence from George (of ASDA fame) Pam has a pair, Wendy-May has a pair, I have two pairs and two other friends have a pair each. Pamela was buying some as presents so we loaded them all on her and sent her to the till, heck 50p, gotta take advantage of that! she looked really cool.

Also, on an actual final note, I got the h&m kids tutu as i am such a sheep. But I have wanted one for years and its perfect, so I have justification. But how the frick to wear it without looking emo, a 6 year old or an actual ballet dancer??