Monday, 28 September 2009

Death on the Nile.

After recovering from the start of my week, in which I contracted a heavy dose of Fresher's Flu (before I started!) I have been having an amazing time, and really love London; the atmosphere, the people, the shopping... going for walks by the river in the middle of the night, with my housemates who are truly incredible. And it feels like I haven't stopped laughing or smiling since I got here. I'm so in love with life right now.
The freshers ball was on Saturday night, and as far as I can remember it was amazing. It was themed dress as Death on the Nile, so we went for a heady 1920's vibe... I wore a beaded shift dress. Unfortunately my hair is the least 20's thing you ever will see, but it is the stubbornest barnet on the planet so it was a problem not to be solved.
I have, of course, been shopping on Oxford Street, as I just really... needed... to. I got a dress, which I love and am pretty sure Sally will be stealing if she can get her hands on it, the main feature being a zip, and a lovely silk floral skirt, both from H&M. My house is lovely too... we've really made it a home, although I do miss my old room.
Sorry about the awful photo of me!
This was short and sweet, but now I'm going to go and sit in a lecture for which I haven't done the prep work, so adieu.

Friday, 25 September 2009

My Life Is Hype, My Love Is Hype

Walking around the campus the other day I kept seeing this girl in plum skinny jeans and every time I saw her I thought to myself "I would really like some coloured skinny jeans...maybe in blue though" but I didn't really dwell on it too much, being that I am a student with no money and such.
However, today I decided to go down to the centre and look around the shops. My first shop of choice? Oxfam. And what did I see? Blue skinny jeans with a ZIP on it from H&M. Yes, the zip obession grows.
I couldn't find the changing rooms, I was not being retarded, they just didn't have anyway. So I thought that I wouldn't get them, as they were a looked small and made for a tall person and I didn't want to waste my money on things I couldn't get in. So I departed the store. But then, on my way back I decided that I did really want them and that if they didn't fit I would make some money on ebay.
I am tres happy I bought them. They are lovely. Wish I'd gotten the coat hanger though....
They are here:



The pictures are pretty lazily done, sorry but I'm hungry!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Love, Don't Cry

So, I moved to Liverpool on Saturday and it is very odd but I feel like I have been here for much longer, in a good way of course! As quite a few of you know, uni accomadation is not exactly the height of luxury and such so I thought it important to make mine a little more like home. Infact, I am quite the room proud student, maybe because people who come in are like "o its so homey!". Yesterday I got a little down it must be said, as I was blue tacking all the photos I printed off (very mind numbing) whilst listening to the CD tori made me for my 18th. I was just sat in my room like "awh i miss them!".
Anyway I thought I would share with you my home away from home...even though I am already calling Liverpool home!






I still have mny more photos which will be going up once I muster some energy. I also have not hung all my clothe up yet, but thank god I got a clothes rail, thats all I can say!
I feel I have enough of a productive day, registered at the doctors, went into the city and asked shops for free coat hangers (an inspired idea) as we don't have enough, did you know, there is a shop that gives its coat hangers to a prison for work. What work I know not! We got many indeed. And I made some food...don't want to exert myself now!
Now off I pop, there is a silent disco tonight and three bottles of wine in our fridge!

Friday, 18 September 2009

I'm No Good at 'Goodbye'...

So, tired and heartbroken after waving off the three loveliest ladies in all the land I will instead introduce myself. Not that I know quite how to go about that, but I'll be doing it enough in the coming weeks, so I'm sure the practice won't hurt anybody, although no doubt I will end up presenting myself as a little bit ridiculous.
Anyway, without further ado, I'm Abbie, the London leg of the blogging table.
I have a weakness for shoes, and am a little worried that I will accidentally spend most of my student loan on them. This will be a mixed blessing, I'm sure.
This here is pretty much what I dream of, in life.
I love photos, books, dancing, creativity, revelry, music, and, try as I may, I can't help looking 'like the 80's just threw up on me' (I quote Sally here). Also, I have a bit of a thing for anything involving velvet or sequins.

My favourite garment of clothing (that I own) to date is this, bought for at christmas this year by the wonderful Tori.

That's pretty much me, or just about all you need to know.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ending Start.

As we have stated, we are all off to university over the next couple of weeks, which means we will be in 4 different cities. Yes you read correctly 4. How you ask? Because our good friend Abbie, often to referred to as Sister A is joining us in this blog. Another thing we must point out is that Abbie, is in fact her real name. Over the past 2 years (crikey!) we have been masquerading under the pseudonyms of Pamela, Susan and Wendy-May. In fact Pamela is actually Tori, Susan is really Cicely, and I, Wendy-May am actually called Sally.

In short we are Tori, Cicely, Sally and Abbie. Bringing you a taste of our new cities, lives and fashions.
With all the change, we thought it only appropriate to change the name of our blog, as you can see we are now called A Tale of Four Cities. To anyone who has linked us on their blog, please feel free to change said link. Thanks.
Sally, previously known as Wendy-May.

Tori, previously known as Pamela.

Cicely, previously known as Susan.

AND, introducing Abbie!

So there it is.



Sunday, 13 September 2009

The First Lobster

I got a haircut on friday, after years of the same hair style, I decided to go for a long bob, a lob if you will. I do enjoy it, though I think next time I get it done I shall go just a tad shorter...this is big for me, being the person who would cry if her hair got cut to just below the shoulders. Yes I am pathetic! Here are a couple of pictures for you (yes I am a pouter, can't help it, blame the genetics I say!)

Anyway, my new topshop "bra" arrived, so I decided to do a quick round of photos when I had some spare time. It was speedy, i must say, so they aren't very good but I thought I'd put them up anyway, something to look at you know!

This weekend has been pretty busy, been working all weekend, today was my last day, I am offically a member of the unemployed population!
Last night I also started packing for uni. I go next saturday...scary. I didn't really know where to begin so I packed all my clothes, stupid really being that I don't particularly spend this next week naked, but I had to begin somewhere. I'm so excited but its sooooo very daunting, don't really know what to expect!
Freshers week sounds so much fun though 70s/80s themed roller disco (bet you can't wait for pictures of that!) many djs and much other dressing up will occur. I have a MASSIVE smile on my face thinking about it.

O! I also got a new coat, thank you to my lovely mother again! It's a trench and involves a lovely zip. As Susan said "o you and your zips!", yes I do seem to have a certain weakness for them.
I must go now, the pub quiz is calling, the last one I shall be going to before I become a scouse...


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Gold Sequins, Brown Brogues and White Shirts.

I have been Ebaying. Not good, not good at all. Yet soooo good!
I wish I was wearing this and doing this right now.....

(The photos from transporter 3.)
So I ebayed gold sequins. Ebay let me down. Ebay had not gold sequin goodness. Ebay was not my friend for a time. Then I realised me and Ebay could never not be friends. Ebay and I made up.
Then we thought hard about what else I really want in my life, we summised that Brown brogues and white shirts were what is missing. Ebay came up eith the goods. I love the Ebay!

I think the last are my favourites. The buckle seduced me. Cheeky buckle.

I should sooo be saving my money for Uni, which we leave for with the next 3 weeks. I'm really looking forwards to it now. Change will be good for me. I'm very dull as a person, things need to be thrown in the air.

Speaking of change, i feel change in the air for this blog. Big upheavals are on the horizon.

(Oh and thankyou for the support on the sequin knickers front. I put them on, I got very drunk, I went out in them, I looked a right fool. I no longer care. I'm going to Portsmouth!)

Monday, 7 September 2009

I just can't!

I'm having a bit of a personal crisis over sequin knickers.

We're supposed to be going out this evening dressed as superheroes, as it's our last night all together before we depart to various parts of the country. I just don't think I can wear the sequin knickers. Yes they are excellent and incredibly cool. But I just don't have the legs that models have. If I were going somewhere that no one I know was going to be, i'd say hell yeah! But I'm not, we happen to be going out where everyone I know will be. Everyone from college.

I lack confidence at the best of times, but in sequin knickers surrounded by all those skinny pretty girls...
There's a small part of me saying go for it, i'm only 18 and i do love the sequin knickers.
I just don't know what to do! What do you think I should do??

They look like this, though as i've said I do not have her legs.

Susan and Wendy-May think I should, but I know that Susan wouldn't wear them if it were her. And they're both a lot thiner than I.

I'd wear them with black tights of course. But they're just so small!

I don't feel like I've expressed myself very well, i hope you kind of get my dilemma though.

Thanks for the help, if you do offer help, it'd be greatly appreciated. x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gold Lion's Going To Tell Me Where The Light Is.

I am not one of those people who dresses head to toe in topshop, though I shall forgive you for thinking so as I do seem to always be posting about my topshop wishlist. Today is no exception.

Now this sounds a little odd, but I think it is a fact that I have an obession with the topshop underwear, more specifically the bras. Today I went on, after been absent from it for a while because of my broken laptop (which is now fixed thanks to the one I call father), and I saw something that I decided I really wanted. Infact I will tell myself I need. A dangerous thought popped into my mind of "I worked extra today, therefore I have money I didnt account for, therefore I could buy it and it would be like I spent no money!" (welcome to my mind). This thought needs to be expelled!

I shall show you what I saw:

Yes that is a zip you see down the front (actually you probably don't as once again the photos are tiny!sorry!), this is probably the reason why I prefer it over the next two shown below.
For a while I have wanted the floral one, I have been watching for it to go on has not, then the tartan came along and I was like "ooooo" and now the above beauty! (Can you tell I really want it?!)
I imagine it would be an excellent layering device, over vest tops/dress/t's....I must stop thinking about it!
Do I get it and love it, or do I go to uni with that little bit extra money, which would end up being spent on silly things??
Torn I am.
** Edit- I bought my good friend miss P says"gosh you work fast". AND it cost me nothing as my dear mum said she would pay for keeping the house clean whilst she was away. Lovely

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Plenty of Girls and Boys in Love

So we are back from the festival of Leeds, and it must be said, I love it and miss the whole "leeds bubble". We saw many bands, including Florence and the Machine, Metric, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys...O I could go on forever!
This is only a quick post as my laptop is broken, for some reason the internet works on everyones in my home but mine, so I am currently on my sisters boyfriends, therefore speed is needed.
I am going to leave you now with some lovely photos of it:
The Rumble Strips-


OOoo isn't it beautiful??

O! And I got into Liverpool University, which means from the 19th of September I shall be living there! Super exciting!!

Must dash now