Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Home, sweet, unmuddy, home!

So we are back from Leeds fest, which was blooming brilliant, despite the mud and our tent being burnt down making us homeless on the last night! However this made it what it was and I can't wait till next year! Watching people trying not to fall in the mud was pretty funny, especially as seen as I did not fall...the same can not be said for Susan...she may murder me for revealing that.
Before we left for our great adventure we took some photos showing our take on A/W 08 trends and mini trends. Its taken me a while to get them off my camera and onto my laptop as my laptop broke, but I got a new one as a VERY early christmas present today!
Hope you enjoy these pictures, they didnt go to plan as it was raining so we were trapped in my house, unable to go outside.

Hope you can tell which we are trying to portray x x

Friday, 15 August 2008

"the festival seemed like a pretty good plan"

Right so I've been away for a while and I'd like to say I have an excuse, that I've been doing lots of CV and bank-balance enriching things. However I have not. I've basically just been doing stuff. Seeing friends, drinking too much and dressing up every now and then. So continuing with that theme, we're off to Leeds Festival on Wednesday til Monday, early day passes and all that.

The Killers, Last Shadow Puppets, MGMT, Pendulum, Justice, The Kills. Shut me up I will go on.

However this does pose the age old question: What the frick to wear?? I have to be prepared for every weatherly eventuality, this is England after all. Festivals are pretty much the only time you can wander round a field looking an absolute wreck without being judged. However there is a fine line between looking a wreck and being one. You just know I'm going to fail miserably. But all notions of social norms are pretty much out of the window after the first couple of days, so hopefully people won't take too much notice.

I'm going about tackling this in the most logical way, the art of collage. I've created two subsections: the "real" people and the catwalk.

First "real" people: I bloody hope these photos were taken on the first day because I don't care who you are no one can look this good after 3 days of dancing in sweaty pits, no sleep and constant drinking. If this is after 3 days I can only conclude they have had no fun because they haven't done these lovely things.
These are the type of girls who will saunter out of a tent and put everyone else to shame. I know it's cruel but I automatically dislike these people. They carry off simple looks in a way only skinny blonde girls from LA can. I have nothing against these people, jealously is an ugly emotion. Ok well I'm ugly then.
These two are less 'fuck off I'm gorgeous' I think it's how they're standing. But they still look awesome and effortless. That first one could probably kill you if she wanted though.
These guys are from the school of marching to your own tune, excellent. Feather headgear is always a conversation starter but try wearing that while you're bopping along to Metallica. I will be neither bopping nor watching Metallica though, so that's a thinker.
The first girl because I love this dress, I've seen it in the flesh and it is excellent. And she wears it very very well. The second girl because she does the effortless look with a touch of humour.
Alexander 'white trash couture' Wang. If I could pull this off hell yeah I would.
Anna Sui. 'Oh I was just wandering around some fields and wow look here's a festival now let's dance would you like a flower?' Can you tell I'm getting carried away here?
Gucci. Either a.) I'm with the band or b.) I will be, you just wait bitch.

Now I just have to find some clothes in my own wardrobe to try and create 5 fabulous outfits. I'm thinking I'll take my "pagan" dress. Oh you're worried already.

I would do a photoshoot of my potential outfits but my parents have taken the camera to freakin Croatia, I've been home alone for two weeks, I'm beginning to get used to it actually...maybe I'll change the locks... Anyway, Wendy's taking disposable camera's so we will try to get something vaguely resembling an outfit post when we get back. Have a lovely week!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Aren't Presents Loverly?!

I think i can confirm that the correct answer is yes, yes they are.
A few things i received from friends and family, aswell as some sneaky little purchases of my own.

Fabulous Vintage Booties from Wendy-May for my 17th. I now live in them.

Apologies for the shitty lighting, this is a black lace dress I received as a gift from our dearest pal Sister A, I was there when she bought it so i feel its ok to reveal the splendid price of it. £3! Oh yeah, you heard correct. £3. From a nearby villages charity shop - excellent find that charity shop is.

Another present from Sister A, from a Vintage shop in Manchester. Also £3. Lots of things in my life seem to be £3 at the moment. It's awesome!

Now my birthday outfit, which a few of you said lovely things about, thanks very much by the way! We worked out the price of the whole outfit to be £7.50, all items included! Fabulous! The top was a gift from Wendy-May from the same vintage shop in Manchester. The belt belongs to Sister A and it cost 50p from a charity shop. The skirt was a present from my actual sister and cost £1! Its a gorgeous pink colour, i love it. Then the shoes were £3.

Again terrible lighting! How annoying! This dress is Carrie style with the whole poofy colour dress on top and then black pencil style underlayer, you know the one I mean surely! Anyway again £3 from the nearby charity shop, a gift from myself!
Long denim skirt with buttons down front was £3 from the Vintage shop in Manchester and the lacey top thing was £2 from the nearby village charity shop.
Cream coloured highwaist skirt was a gift and came from the Manchester shop again. The leggings i've had quite a few weeks now were from H&M kids sale for £3. Maison Martin Margiela A/W '08 anyone? There's a picture below of what i mean.
Last but by no means least, i'm not sure if i've shown you this before, but it's the skirt i bought in London all that time i go. it's referred to as the belly dancer skirt. Yeah.

What a long post! Crikey! Oh well, i always get carried away with everything at birthdays. Susan's 18th next, i'm already excited for it. It's 2 months away.

Thanks for all the birthday well wishing, I had a fantastic few days of celebrations with Suse and Wend.

I just listened to House of Pain - Jump Around and then The Beatles - Day Tripper. Bit different. Very enjoyable though! Oh! Everyone must listen to Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire now. It's freekin genius.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Another year older

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAMMY! yes indeedy pamela celebrated her birthday on the 5th, so once again we all celebrated in style, going for a meal on the tuesday and having more festivities on the wednesday, all of which were brill!

Here are some outfits the three of us wore:

Pamela wore:
Susan wore:
I wore:
The other day, i ordered a skirt from oxfam website and it arrived to day! Naturally I was trés excited to see it and try it on, however, my excitment was short lived when I opened the package, got the item out, note how now I say item not skirt because I was lied to. Turned out that what I have purchased are quite a ridiculous pair of shorts!
I will not be put off from the oxfam website but I wasn't too pleased. I shall just have to fashion something out of them, I refuse to have wasted my money!