Saturday, 20 December 2008

Urgent Advice Needed.

I received a letter today from a university inviting me to an interview on the 14th January. This makes me feel sick with nerves. I've applied for a fashion and textiles course and so have to take a portfolio. This makes me panic. I have no time. it's less than a month away and i have to start producing some decent independent work. It's my first choice university and the only interview I've yet been informed of.

If anyone has any advice at all about interviews, especially if it's a interview for a fashion and textiles course at university, it would be greatly appreciated!

Goodness me this last two days have been emotional. I'm incredibly anxious, elated, nervous, happy, panicy about this interview AND i fell madly in love yesterday. Not a good combination, i just can't think straight.

The man in question is indeed Mr Robert Thomas-Pattinson.

All 3 of us fell in love with him yesterday. Susan and Wendy-May have liked him a lot since his Cedric Diggory days, for me it's been more recent.

I could look at him all day, everyday....

And he's very stylish. I believe he might just be perfect....

Looking at these pictures has calmed me somewhat.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

So the Clotheshow was pretty good actually.

It was the fourth year in a row for me and Pam and it didn't start off too well. We went with college, which was wierd, so we went on a tiny mini bus thing with this painfully annoying girl who thinks she invented shiny leggings. and does not shut up. ever. It's strange how a year ago we got dirty looks when wearing black PVC on our legs, now it's painfully common.

Here is what we wore:

Wendy-May: Satin trounsers - Primark, Boots - ebay, Black lace top - vintage, white lace - who knows, green top - Topshop, Jacket - Warehouse, Necklaces - vintage.

Susan, aka me: long sleeve top, oh they're different, well they're both Primark anyway, dress - vintage, waistcoat - Oasis, leggings, bag and boots TK Maxx (I happen to be waering everything I've ever bought from there at once.)

Pamela: Orange top - H&M, white tshirt - Gap, blousey thing - Zara, Skirt - vintage, tights - M&S, shoes - Susan's Nan, bag - vintage.

Well anyway it got better, though most of it is a bit 'print dresses and tshirts' we managed to get a few lovely things. But the real joy was the Motorola catwalk which we happened upon. Because Pam was there for 'Textiles research' and me for art, there was a spare place so thankfully Wendy-may could tag along, we had to look at all the little shows. Woo for that. It turned out it was the 20th anniversary of the clotheshow so major desgners were being shown on the catwalk. There was a titchy crowd so we were mere feet away from A/W 20078 collections! And excellently one of them was Gareth Pugh who I'm studying for art! Also Hilary Alexander was presenting the show and we walked past her behind the stage. I said hello and she said she liked my gold leggings so that was nice.

The show!

First up was Dolce and Gabana...

Then Burberry with the super hats...

OMG Christopher Kane!!!

Followed by a Jean Charles de Castelbajac...

And then... Well it was only John frickin Galliano!
And then Kenzo, which I never actually looked at before but will now...

Eek! Gareth Pugh, it was pretty amazing becasue I've been studying his work but never thought I'd get to set it in real life...

And finally Giles Deacon, I have about 10 pictures of that red dress, it was very lovely.

And I will finish with a picture of the always charming Vernon kaye.

Oh christmas! It is soon!! This week I will be wearing festive themed outfits so I will post some pictures! We're having a christmas day on Friday at dear Wendy-May's so I will be high on christmas spirit and christmas spirits! And now I'm off to paint my nails red, green and gold!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Now listen up

Not only is Style Bubble a constant source of fashion inspiration, now she's bringing excellent music to our ears. Have you all listened to the playlists? Very very good I think.

This is where I discovered Those Dancing Days.
Seriously the name just makes you like them straight away.
Very stylish Swedish girls who make splendid music it's the perfect combination.

I shall now go add their album to my Amazon wishlist and suggest you do the same.
The video for Hitten is here. Do enjoy!

Oh and sorry for my disappearance from blogging and commenting for an age it seems, I even forgot my password I was gone so long. My art teacher seems to think art A level is a Stalinist regime. I shall sort myself out soon, I've got so much new stuff including a fur coat so I'll hop on some outfitty type posts. Super.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It Couldn't Be......

I can't believe what i am reading, it's like a dream come true! Matthew Williamson collaborating with H&M. How very exciting!! Roll on April 23rd - the date of the womenswear release to 'selected stores'. (They best be including Leeds H&M in these selected stores or they're in for a world of abuse). Then in mid-may he'll be releasing his first ever menswear pieces exclusively for them, the lucky devils.
Oh Yey, Oh Yey, Oh Yey!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

One girls search for comfort

Over here in the good old UK, we don't get to see the new Gap ads on TV, but after seeing them via the internet, I have been wanting to find a big, comfy jumper. So i guess their advertising has workered! Good for them! So the search has begun. I do hope it is successful. I will be looking on ebay mostly as the cold doesn't motivate me to leave the comforts of home much. :D
The other day in college was "uniform day". Basically for Children in Need (A charity day over here, were all the money raised go to children in need, the name kind of gives it away.) So to raise money our college said that we could come in dressed in uniform (no fishnets or suspenders though). We couldn't dress as what we wanted as that would be having too much fun.

Not everyone dressed up as they are dull. And some who did, did the typical school girl thing. Of course we did not. We Gossip Girled it. Here is my outfit. Sorry for the quality!

On another note my dress from ebay should be arrviving soon! its just a little black dress, every girl should own one i i have 3!

WM x

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Roman Holiday

As Pammy said, Susan and I have been in Rome and we are back now, which is lovely. Rome was nice, not what I had expected though, but it was nice...despite italian men shouting "Ciao big tita's" and "oooff Mamma Mia" at us. No joke. I suppose the sterotyping has to come from somewhere. It made Susan and I wonder what the English sterotype would be, and whether people who come and visit England actually see them. So if you have been to England and encountered any sterotypes I would love to know what they were! :D

Anyway! Outfits! We didn't do as many as hoped but here are a few. For once I didnt over pack and regretted not taking more clothes but it makes you be a little more crafty I guess.

(Cant believe I haven't bragged about the leggings below! American Apparel but cost me £7 instead of £30!!)

This outfit was inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday..hence the post title.
One thing I did not enjoy about Roma was running through the city (nearly getting killed by the crazy drivers!) as our teacher walked behind us shouting RUN!RUN!. It was just ridiculous as I did not sign up for a fitness regime!
Also Halloween has been and gone. Can you believe it is Novemeber already?Tres silly! Pamela did make it to halloween and we didnt really have costumes planned so we decided in an hour...record times I do believe. It was basically an excuse to wear what we would want to wear but cannot as college would mock us.

I was hoping to show some pictures but they didn't turn out!! I went as a "punk", Pamela was dressed as a "checker board" and Susan was dressed as a "ballerina on acid"...well thats what I would describe us as.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happy Halloween Everybody.

It's a little early I know. But i'm a more than a little bored. Wendy-May and Susan are in Rome for a few days, and i feel lost without my partners in crime. But i'll get through it. They get back tomorrow.
I'm joking, we can all survive without each other......
They say they are bringing me a gift back, i told them not to bring the pope, but i wouldn't complain if they did. Although I did preferred the last one.
I'm very jealous that they're there right now, probably getting drunk, in Rome. Here I am in this frosty weather, freezing my toes off.
Anyway, just thought i'd post because we haven't for a while. Thanks for all the lovely comments as usual! The leathers are continuing being glorious! I'll probably be wearing them this coming weekend, lots of parties to go to! or just the one, we're not very cool.
Wendy-May and Susan are deserting me again for halloween as they're off to a party in York and going on a ghost walk at midnight. It sounds so much fun. But i cannot attend as i have to go to an open day in Wales the next day and have to set off at some ungodly hour in the morning.
Their idea for halloween costumes is the many stages of Madonna. We were all gonna dress up as different madonnas. I refused to be the 50 year old Madonna in a leotard. One of us was going to be 80's Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna. And that's as far as we got with ideas. Maybe one of us could be Cowgirl Madonna. I can't go now so i'll help those two's costumes be fabulous!

They could be the pointy bra madonna....

If anyone has any other ideas feel free to suggest them!

I have to say, though I love some of her songs, I'm on Guy Ritchie's side just because I love his films. They're all truely excellent. And i'm incredibly excited for his new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey jr and Jude Law!

So what's everyone else dressing up as???

Monday, 6 October 2008

One Day We're Gonna Live in Paris. I Promise.

I am disgusted at myself. It's been officially almost 2 months since i last posted. I can't believe it I didn't even realise because it's not like i stopped reading blogs pretty much everyday, they are addictive. So apologies for my long absence.
Down to business. I LOVED the Sonia Rykiel show. It was amazing. The colours, the feathers, the designs by other designers, the top hat - what's not to like?

I must also add that I really enjoyed Louis Vuitton, i never thought such words would be said by me but it's true I thought it was very excellent!

Since being away i've acquired two things that have made me very very happy indeed. I have these obsessions with items, i usually really want something for ages until it gets to the point where i don't feel my life can go on with out my buying whatever said item is. And for ages now i've wanted leather trousers and thigh high boots. So you shall never guess what. I bought some. Yey!!! I got the leather babies almost a month ago from Bershka in London when myself and Susan were supposed to be doing art research stuff we accidently wondered onto oxford street and stumbled into quite a few shops when i found the trousers sent to me from above. They have lots of zips and everything!
Then the thigh highs came into my life via Ebay, it was a bittersweet moment when i bid. Handing over such a massive portion of my money isn't the greatest feeling but receiving such beauty is pure excellence i tell you!
So all in all i'm a very happy lady right now! There is the new addiction to capes that i've acquired, but i'm sure i'll shortly remedy that issue.....(bring on Ebay).

Hope everyone is keeping well and of course wearing fabulous clothes at the same time.