Wednesday, 30 January 2008

'What is fashion? It is usually a form of such ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every six months.' Oscar Wilde

I like this quote, tis amusant. A thought provoker if you will.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I like to collage......

There is a purpose to this though. I'm creating a cardboard corset dressy type thing and this is all to inspire me. I did a presentation on it today and I mentioned Christopher Kane as an inspiration. I was greeted by blank faces. Though in all fairness that could equally be in response to my artwork in general. All these images have inspired me the structure, colour, pattern etc. The couture collections were a godsend I tell you.

I was thinking of making some leggings in the Brian Lichtenberg style using some kind of holographic card or maybe cardboard and then shiny paper, like wrapping paper and would I use jersey leggings or lycra or something else entirely, or maybe even tights.......
As you can see this hurts my brain, I'm on a limited time and money budget. My friend wants me to make her some for her birthday though, tricky... Oh well, the nice pictures will make me sane again.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 4........On day 7

Well it was to be expected, I failed, it is now Sunday and I am only just posting Thursday's outfit. We didn't even go to College on Thursday, we went shopping and it chucked it down. That is why the garage door, lovely though it is, has been replaced with my soon to be demolished kitchen. We are destroying it next weekend, can't wait you know. Anyway Friday's outfits don't even exist, well we have no photographic evidence that they do anyway. Our blog is a secret, only me and Pamela know about it and we literally had no time to take a photo when it wouldn't have raised questions.

ANYWAY enough rambling from me.


Shoes - primark, leggings - H&M, skirt - primark, top with diamondy detail- urban outfitters, checked vest top underneath - H&M, cardi - primark and belt - vintage


Boots - primark, tights - m&s possibly, skirt - my mum's from the good old 80's, blue top - h&m, dress (tucked in) - tesco!, scarf - a gift from a friend, yes I have friends!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 3

lI'm shocked we've kept this up because I'm a lazy hecker. But we have. For your viewing pleasure we have these attractive images, keeping the garage door as a kind of signature backdrop. Oh dear that's quite embarassing, we will become known for a garage door. It is a nice shade of blue though... Anyway.


Trainers - Gola, tights - topshop, Skirt - h&m, boob tube - h&m, check shirt - h&m, mandigan (this is our amalgamated word of man and cardigan) - Primark


Shoes - primark, tights - m&s, dress (Pamela's) emilyandfin (from the clothes show live), Long stripy top - primark
I was wearing shorts under the dress so during english I walked out, took off my dress and came back in wearing shorts and a tshirt. Suffice to say no one cared.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

And I Wonder...

Robert Cavalli '08
Versace '08
Can't resist a man in a suit!
Alessandro Dell'Acqua '08
Alexander McQueen '08
The male models in Alexander McQueen's A/W show chilled me to the bone, one in particular looked as though he was about 80 and going to collapse of exhaustion and old age at any second. Scary stuff i tell you!
Gucci '08
Moschino '08
Neil Barrett '08
Although it was all monochrome, the zips and leather gloves and boots really gave the show a proper manly sense and a tad hardcore angry vibe, if you know what i mean.. The kind of clothing i dream my knight in leather armour would wear whence rescuing me from the top of a dragon guarded tower. I'm a bit of a romantic, which is why, I conclude, that i love this collection.

I like-eliene Iekeliene

Worst post title ever possibly. I know a nerdy amount of models and like to annoy people by going through magazines naming them all though, to most poeple I could be making the name up for all they know or care. Anyways I saw Iekeliene Stange (I used to think her last name was Strange, if only hey) a while agp on Face Hunter possibly and thought she was pretty darn stylish. She can do the nerdy odd ball look with her massive glasses, the sharp sleek futurist look and the pretty romantic style with those rather excellent cheekbones. Basically she always looks comfortable in whatever she's wearing, she's always natural. And happy. But if you paid me thousands to wear gorgeous clothes I would be too.

A Week of Outfits: Day 2

Another day, another outfit. Well obviously. The Tshirt says 'Gummy Bears Scare Me' Hilarious.


Trainers - New Look, Jeans - Zara, Belt - vintage, T-shirt - David and Goliath, Stripey Under T-shirt - Primark, Shrug Cardigan - H&M, Various Bracelets - H&M, Miss Selfridge, Next and Necklace - from a childrens set of plastic jewellry which was won from a Christmas Party Game!

Susan. I don't usually wear this much pink. It wasn't planned.

Boots - Primark, jeans - Warehouse, Skirt - h&m, Long sleeve pink - Dorothy Perkins (I never think about it but that name is actually very funny), Pink short sleeve - h&m, Gold and black striped - Primark, necklaces - Primark and my nan.

Monday, 14 January 2008

A Week of Outfits: Day 1

Not quite Face Hunter Standard, but we try. Me and Pamela are going to photograph our college outfits everyday this week as we have noticed there aren't many photos of clothes that actually belong to us. We aim to remedy this. Hence A Week of Outfits begins. And day 1 is as follows:

PamelaBoots - Zara, Legginngs - Miss Selfridge, Skirt - George at Asda (heck yes), Shirt - Vintage, Belt - Primark, Jacket - Topshop.

Shoes - MK One (Oh My), Jeans - Zara, blue dress - h&m, green skirt - h&m, Belt - Vintage, floral blouse - h&m, green tshirt - Topshop, necklace - Debenhams perhaps.

Yes that is a garage door. Classy.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Harry Potter + Fingers = Fun Fun Fun!

Everyone has most likely seen this but please take 2 minutes of your time to appreciate the profound effects JK Rowling has had on the world of finger puppetry.

In all honesty it creates quite a lovely melody.

No denying it this is a good video.

Sincere apologies for the horrible title of this post my brain is squashed with facts about Mussolini and Liberal Italy so when it comes to other topics crap just spills out of my brain. Like that whole sentence in fact.

Anyhow, this is the Sugababes new video. It is pretty, like a montage of fancy photo shoots. I need a short pink wig and a tiny crown.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Yeah I've got a sock on my head. What of it?

I fear the Topshop website has become my second home. As a mere pauper on the fashion chain I cannot hope to afford anything other than sale prices but it can't hurt to look.
Well actually it can. This goes on your head. Yes. Quite.I'm strangely drawn to it but I know it will show of the shape of my skull which is never an incentive to buy anything. I will tell you what I do Love though. All of the below:
Much in the vein of my previous post I need a skirt like all of these but as the prices start at £18 for the top left one I plan to make my own. This may never come to fruition, like the time I was going to make my prom dress and when I was going to set up an ebay business, buying white skinny jeans and dying them to sell for a mighty profit. But I want to tie dye a skirt so in my mind, that's one step on the ladder of achievement.

This year I will mostly be wearing....

Anything that remotely resembles anything here. I'm going to look like some kind of feathery circus pirate. Well it can't be helped, the heart wants what it wants.Stuff like this but a lot cheaper. If it were to cross my path I would not ever say no you know.
I'm very much liking this whole neo-hippy, boho-tec, whatever hyphenated word you wish to apply, business. Its kind of girly but you still maintain the agression of the s&m trend of last season. Well that's what I'm saying anyway. I just hope to gosh and heck that primark doesn't have another influx of pattern mania again, it gave me a frickin headace you know. Some nice florals and some kind of military item would be lovely. Oh Agyness why do you grimace so?

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


It's nice to admire.
Apologies for the size of the picture and for the quality of the montage i have no talent at this sort of thing.
i seem to spend most of my time wishing i had everything-how depressing! My bank balance certainly cannot handle the prices and now that they're selling Matthew Williamson S/S '08 collection it makes me want to cry! Perhaps my New Years resolution should be to do something about this dilemma. 'What a good idea' I say. Getting a job would be a good start i'm guessing.
Merry New Year to all!!