Saturday, 28 March 2009

I told you I shopped. It's not like I committed a crime. Just a small fashion crime

I have finally had some time to just dress up, something I love to do, a bit too much. I've been scarily busy lately, and I like to think I'm a relaxed individual but these past few weeks, urgh.

So... they say if you remeber it the first time around, you shouldn't go there. But I'm saying the 90s doesn't count. This was entirely unintentional but how 90s do I wanna be? Crop top, check, doc martens (almost identical to the ones I had when I was about 8), Courtney Love style slip , check, grunge vibe - check. eek.
If Laura Ashley went to Studio 54...My mum recently commented that I was learning to colour co-ordinate. How wrong she was... I'm using props. That's nice.

Took this a long time ago, I've even had a haircut since, and I'm not a frequenter of the barber's chair. I was going for a Richard Nicoll vibe here, have now written vibe twice in this post, now three times. Anyway, this is Pamela's skirt and I would have liked to wear in the normal way but as I have the legs of a shetland pony it is not a viable option. So I tuck and fold. I've been having my shoulders out and about a bit recently. Crikey.
I've been watching the Rachel Zoe project. Very good television. I enjoyed when she said to her husband 'You know I hate it when you trivialise what I do'. It was like that scene about belts in The Devil Wears Prada. She takes fashion very seriously, and I can see how people think her job is pointless or whatever and her excessive use of hyperbole is nearly killing me off. Seriously. I die. But in actual fact I think she has my dream job.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Wendy-May!

This is what I was cooking up all week long.....

The Skirt! Susan made Wendy-May an amazing scrapbook all about her and the times we've shared together. It's seriously awesome. I also baked brownie which seemed to be a success at our picnic in a deer barn thing. It sounds weirder than it was. We spent the evening in a very lovely and rather classy pub just having a chat and laughing away whilst slowly but surely getting a little drunk. It was an excellent day I think Wendy-May would agree.

But the partying continues tomorrow when we go out on the old razzle dazzle. I shall be wearing my Alice McCall dress! I'm not sure what tights and shoes to wear though. Or what jacket. Argh what decisions!

Apologies if the next couple of weeks are a bit quiet around here we've all got exams, interviews and trips coming up so unfortunately they have to take priority over anything fun.


Friday, 6 March 2009

Well Well Mr Decarnin,

Rather excellent collection you provided us with Christophe, congratulations!

It's Wendy-May's super sweet 18th on Sunday. Wahey!!! Party Time again! So myself and Susan have been busy little house elves all week long. (Watch out Dobby, you've got some competition.) Unfortunately I'm unable to disclose exactly what we've been up to until the day of as the birthday girl is unawares. It's all a surprise but I promise to post after sunday as I'm rather excited about one thing in particular.
Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Did anyone see Red Riding, Thursday Night on Channel 4? They filmed it in and around our town, which is quite the exciting prospect. It's funny to hear how Yorkshire we are around here. I've decided I love my accent! I bet we'd sound really funny if we ever met any fellow bloggers...