Thursday, 29 January 2009


On a Sunday, when I definately should have been doing something more educationally productive, and the neighbours were out in full force to look bemused by our car posing, we did this. A bit inspired by Revolutionary road, which I'm very excited about, a bit inspired by Grease and a bit inspired by Style On Trial, catch up on iplayer, it's good. We didn't live in the fifities, but if we did, this is what we would have looked like.
We may continue with these little photo shoots, its rather fun. Hope you like.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

'God is Universal'

Don't really believe in God or anything but if there is a force out there would it please make these trousers exist thank you. Bleach and studs! Think how many people you would make happy with one pair of trousers.

Topshop has been known to be a bit cheeky and show one of a kind designs that never get to the shops in their adverts but my God let not this be the case! These are excellent, no? These and the union jack skirt. Super. Quite like the chaise-longue aswell.
Big changes this weekend hopefully, bit of a blog identity crisis. Any ideas to improve?

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

'You will be deprived of exposure'

I'm now going to post some pictures of Christmas outfits, we're not obsessed with Christmas, we enjoy a healthy dose of festive cheer, that is all. It makes me happy though and I hoped to continue in this super happy way.

I am, however, a hypocrite. The first day of college in 2009, I wasn't happy. I had to get up at 7 where usually I would get up at 12. There is no one who is less of a morning person than me. College is hard work and blah so let us cast our minds back to the christmas season...

I had planned, like the happy little elf I am (was) to dress like a Christmas miracle for the last week. It was only four days and the only picture I got of Thursday's outfit was from an unfortunate squatting position. So no to that one. I shouldn't have told people as I frequently got, 'it's not that festive' Oh really? At least I'm making a frickin effort here. No appreciation I tell you. Hope you like.

Day 1.

Day 2.


And here is what I wore on the big day itself. As the photo suggests, I spent the day dancing nonstop. the dress was a present from dear sister A, it's got a crazy diagonal zip and is puff-ball-y.

And to ring in the New year what better than sequins, a tutu and a crate of Magners. That's pamela the drunk there, in a damn sexy Alice McCall for Topshop dress which I am sure she will share with you when the time is right. In typical me fashion I was in the Kitchen getting more glasses for the Champagne when it struck midnight. But twas fun nonetheless. So happy new Year!!!
Oh yes I now have boy hair. Though I do still have a face. the camera does lie after all.

Monday, 5 January 2009

'You drop a pen in the snow, you don't go looking for it'

I know Christmas is over now, a fair bit ago, but I haven't really had time to post due to the holidays/family gatherings/revision(which I haven't really done much of actually!), and it is snowing here!!I love Christmas...well more the build up to it, but I have vowed when I am older I will make it a big thing, with lots of family.

So what did I get I hear you say (probably not but still...also I realise this is just me showing off lovely things sorry!)

Well Susan was my unsecret santa and she gave me some fabby things! (Thank you again deary)
The picture of this makes it look as if it is shiny. It is not.

Another friend Mr B put money towards these, which I love, and on New Years I managed to wear them and dance in them for 8 hours.

I also love the stocking presents santa (my mother and dad) got me, which included YSL perfume and slippers, along with all the little things I don't think about but actually need, genius.
Topshop sale is also upon us, which is lovely as having a job means that I can actually afford some of the shoes, so I got some. These in fact. They haven't arrived yet though :(

OOO and I passed my driving test (sorry again for showing off but I am so happy about it, as I no longer have to get the bus from college and I can lay in for longer, yes I am lazy.)

Well now I must try and motivate myself to revise....apparently meditation is the key to this. However I do not have the concentration for this and would soon be interrupted by my thoughts if I were to try it.

P.S. Some changes will be made to this little blog at the end of January when all of our exams are out of the way.