Friday, 29 February 2008

It was a mistake.

It was a huge mistake to visit the topshop website this evening. What a fool i was. A 'fool of a took', you might say. Ahhh ye good old Lord of the Rings references. I have no money as usually. This problem is becoming extremely tiresome, i think someone should just give me some money already! Now that would be nice! Anyway, I try to avoid topshop at a ll costs because its not within my price range at the moment and the niceness of the clothing just rubs this in my face. Stupidly i visited the website anyway. And am now lusting after many of their items. For Example:

Is it just me or would the last three items look really good together? Who knows! Oh i want them all, even the hotpants. I know i previously said i don't wear short shorts but i think its the teal thats drawn me towards them. I loooove the jeans, i always think 'Ooo those jeans would look great with this outfit (Sob Sob)'.

I seem to have a pattern of a going on the topshop website every month and compileing a giant list of things i want but cannot have. Maybe i should stop this.

I like your style

Kerry Washington, though I may be biased as I love Save The Last Dance and Last King of Scotland. I love her bold choices when it comes to colour. I think bright colours look gorgeous with dark skin tones and she picks some lovely frocks. It would be nice if she didn't have a stylist but in this day and age it's highly unlikely. I can't find any pictures of her everyday style, I think she must lead a rather quiet life, well, as quiet as a hollywood actress's life can be.

She's not known as one of the big players when it comes to fashionable A listers but I think she has been seriously overlooked. I've been admiring Kerry Washington since she wore that bright yellow Oscar De La Renta dress, I think it looked a lot better on her curvy, but still rather thin, body than the skinny Natasha Poly who is currently annoying the hell out of me in that god awful Gucci advert. They're not dancing! They're swaying like they're possesed. It's just not right. I enjoy Blondie as much as the next person but the music does not go at all.

Hoorah! a full week of narcissism!

That's it, I have showcased a full college week's worth of outfits. By the way I despise myspace with an absolute passion. So why the frickers am I doing a myspace angle here? Just trying to make it all arty and interesting. Failing.

Well I'm a sailor so that's nice. (Otherwise a rather boring outfit, I am wearing a skirt as a top (the grey creation) No florals! though) Sailors wouldn't wear denim though. Imagine the chaffing, wet denim's a bitch.

I'm going to pretend I didn't want these to match up. I blame the damn leap year. I didn't propose to anyone today. I did get a Kinder egg from my drama teacher as she had a go at us yesterday and she felt bad about it. The play we're doing called Kindertransport, you see the amusing egg connection. I play a German mother called Helga and I have to do a German accent. I sometimes can't actually believe the sounds coming out of my mouth and the fact that I'm actually being serious. Honestly I sound ridiculous, I think its a cruel joke as I'm only one of two who have to do the accent. Rude.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Razzle Dazzle 'em

Funday Monday! I went out on the old razzle on monday night for like the second time ever, which explains the look of nervousness in my eyes on this photo. I am under 18 you see so very nervous i was but all went fabulously in the end. I went with the two silver legged people above, they decided to go rave, but only on the legs it seems. They literally asked me to come 50 minutes before they were leaving, anddd i needed a shower! T'was a crazy 50 minutes but we got through thank goodness.
My outfit wasn't exactly 'Wow!' but i didn't want to stand out too much because of the nerve factor so i went for black tights, denim shorts (which were short shorts-a scary experience in itself, i never wear short shorts!) and a gold and black sequined top that my Gran gave me a few years back.
And the hair, oh the hair, that is a whole different story. it decided to be the frizziest it has ever been that night, but we attempted to work with it anyway, by plaiting the front and back combing a bit. I actually turned out all right, this photo doesn't exactly support that, but honestly it did. The next day though I saw Susan and friends and they all laughed in my face at my hair as it had grown even more, if possible!
All in all it was a very successful night! Me and Suse shall hopefully be going out at Easter, there's just the ridiculously important question of what to wear? We can't wear anything too special to us as we wouldn't want any ruination going on. We have a few weeks to decide so that should be just about enough time. And we will most definitely informing you of what we end up wearing of course!

Sincere apologies for the hideous photo, i bet your thinking 'How did she get in?' and i would be thinking the same thing! I'm the one in the middle, Sister B on the left and Friend on the right.

Wear your own clothes bitch.

This dress belongs to a close personal friend. The shirt underneath is mine. My that's one see-through jumper, lucky I like to layer hey. I inadvertently channeled Victorians today. I hope this doesn't become an issue.

Just wore purple skinnies on my legs. Nothing, got up late and it was chilly. Not like that ever stops me. I care not a jot for mere weather when fashionability is at stake.
Oh my god why am I lumpy??!! (top pic, right side, what the frick is happening there then?)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I'm addicted.

To florals. Don't say I'm not hardcore.

I'm worried I'm confused what season it is, like animals who aren't sure when to hibernate, is it spring, is it winter? they don't know what's going on. The wind was whipping up a storm today, and my skirt.

I've never been so drawn to grey.

Balenciaga has arrived! This is the one I was looking forward to, the big one you might say. I think its more of a grower this one, like the S/S collection was. He likes his structure does old Nicholas. I love how you can always see how he has developed his ideas, you can see how he has really thought about shape and pattern and mixed them up in new exciting ways. I could go a bit over the top but seriously, it makes me happy. Look at the different patterns, how they are placed on the body and how the shapes of the material restucture the figure. His creativity makes my brain happy.

And Viktor and Rolf. I've never looked in detail at their collections, I like how they make unusual and interesting choices but there fondness for monochrome makes my brain switch off, though to be honest it doesn't take much. But I'm highly intrigued by this collection. Just say NO kids...

It's all about composition. Often it's how outfits are put together rather than actual pieces, but if the styling, ideas and amazing pieces are all there. Well, I shan't be complaining.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

So its off to the 80's safari kids!

Jacket on: 'You look like you're from the eighties'

Jacket off: 'Are you going on safari?'

I cannot win.

Err I need new curtains.

I'm going to go for a chop. My hair is too much of a hassle, Its been long to a ridiculous extent for nearly 3 years and I'm quite frankly bored. I have faced some adversity though, some people who like hair, mine in particular, are outraged. They want me to let them have it for extensions. Is there a charity I could donate it too? I think this is weird. Pamela is getting a fringe, I have been pestering her like you wouldn't know to get one and finally she had caved.

I'm worried I will feel a sense of loss and nakedness though....I'm thinking shoulder length, more of a side fringe........

Thank you unknown Maison Martin Margiela model with nice hair. The collection was interesting but I feel he didn't push himself as far as he could (god I sound like a school report) but then again maybe it's better that way, not too extravagant, subtley strange. Heckers what do I know.
Entirely unrelated, Paris Hilton is going out with Benji madden, Nicole Richie's husband's brother. I suspect Paris gatecrashed some kind of family picnic and thought she'd have a bit of what Nicole's having, a Madden lad if you will.

Monday, 25 February 2008

I see purple people

The zip was broken on this dress so it was reduced to £2.50, then it turned out it was buy one get one free so Pam got a top so it was £1.50 in the end. Turns out there's a reason people don't buy clothes with broken zips, it was rather difficult to repair. Not that I actually did anything. My friend unpicked it and Pamela sewed up the hole. Turns out I needed the zip though. It's noq quite the squeeze to get on. Let that be a lesson to me.
My friend was also wearing a very similar pair of blue tights today. We keep dressing similarly. Pamela was going to wear blue tights aswell, imagine the horror. Some kind of psychic connection..... about clothes.
Download 'That's Not My Name' by the Ting Tings. NOW NOW NOW! I defy anyone not to love it.

The many sides to Susan

I dress up a bit every now and then, I think it stems from my childhood. My nan made me some awesome costumes such as a mermaid number including a green, shell-shaped bikini top and matching 'tail', it made me waddle something chronic. So this is what one young evening consisted of: Florals, jumpsuits and librarian chic:

Some influence behind the outfits, there is an unhealthy amount of Chloe Sevigny pictures here but I just can't help it.

Friday, 22 February 2008

A bit of a YSL angle...

We all know it, most of us love it. There's a new load out but this was the original. I'm building it up too much, and Kate looks more than a little disturbed I personally think. Just because I'm all about the narcissism (this is odd because in normal life I hate having my photo taken, this is why you will rarely or never see my face here) I decided to make today's outfit post a little different. I need to be more adventurous. I think the mirror frame ties in nicely with the spring trend for florals. I just remembered I have a giant window..... One day I will photo Pam through it, in the real YSL style, see what happens...
It was chilly enough to freeze your barnacles today. I'm not entirely sure what I mean by that but anyway by golly it was cold. I braved tights like the fool I am but in time honoured tradition I layered up. I also wore my lovely Topshop military coat which I DID NOT get it the sale in which it was reduced to HALF frickin PRICE. Whenever I spend more than usual it goes horribly wrong, I lost a metallic bomber jacket from Topshop in Primark just before Christmas. £30 it was. This is why I like my bargains.

Monday, 18 February 2008

I now shop all the time.

Everywhere we go we manage to turn it into a shopping experience. Even college. And its not like our college is in town, its in a village. Usually we only venture to the co-op in our free periods (which we did today and bought a chocolate cake, 89p I sincerely reccomend it, the swiss roll is lovely too, and the victoria sponge, all under a pound. Yes we have sampled them all.) Anyway today we had 2 hours with nothing to do, work you say? Don't be silly. So off we popped to the village charity shop and my what we did find! All this for £1.45, I think the scarf and belts were 60p each the purse was 25p!! (this does not add up but I got confused)And inside it says Purseonality, I would have bought it just for that! The little old ladies in the shop were excellent and rather amusing. My aim is to befriend them.

I'll tell you it was frickin chilly today and I didn't have a coat, left it in Liverpool at my nan's, fool I am. Sort of went for the grunge look today. Changed my belt when I bought the new one as it looked better, and Pam stole the one I was wearing. Rude.

Haha my room is a bin. Yep.

Liverpudlian Purchases

Over the half term holidays myself, Suse and a friend went on a shopping trip to Liverpool for a few days. Here is what we bought...

Picture 1 - Top-Primark, Belt-H&M, Skirt-Charity Shop, Tights-Primark, Necklace-part of a costume jewellery set

Picture 2 - Top-Ralph Lauren, High waisted jeans-Primark, Various Bangles-Miss Selfridges, primark and H&M

Picture 3 - Black Dress-H&M, this picture doesn't really display the splendour that is this dress very well, it's a halterneck, which i don't usually go for, a very low scooped back and massively wide with pockets. It's quite ironic that i went to see Juno in this as i could easily hide a pregnancy in it!

Picture 4 - Denim jacket - Charity Shop, Floral Dress - Warehouse, Tights-Primark

Picture 5 - Dress-Zara, Tights-Oasis, Under T-shirt-Primark

Picture 6 - T-shirt-Zara, Playsuit-Oasis, Tights-as before

Picture 7 - Shirt-Charity Shop, Skirt-Primark, Tights-Primark

Picture 8 - Cardigan-Primark, Shirt-H&M, Skirt-Mexx

Picture 9 - Top-Pop, Shorts-Gap, Tights-Primark

Click to enlarge if you'd like. i'm not so good at the whole putting our own pictures on the blog sorry.

I'm the one will the red hair, suse has brown hair. I'm also the one in the photo where the person is wearing green tights, i don't know why but you can't see my hair on that one. Personally I didn't put outfits together on the photos and probably won't where them like this. The shoes are also my purchase. We got some right bargains while we were there and i definitely want to go back someday reasonably soon.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Sunday Times CD

Todays Sunday Times came with a free CD, The Sunday Playlist - The Ultimate Indie Collection. Half of the songs I'd heard, Half I had not. I have to say i quite enjoyed it. One in particular caught my attention. Lucio Starts Fires - Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong. The song is really good and the video is brillliant. i would definitely recommend watching it on youtube now! He flys and everything!
The photo is a still of the video, just look at those stripey trousers. Wowee! They are typically indie dressed but slightly quirkier dressed than skinnys and a white t-shirt.

I'd heard of the band quite some time ago, from some article, but never got round to listening to them. I know a little bit about the actual band members, you may recognise the lead singer, if you watch the video, from The Tudors series on BBC a bit ago. Joe Lean, the singer, is also an actor and he played the musician, ironically. So there you are a little bit of trivia for you.

I'm quite the music lover and like discovering new bands, whether they are new or just new to my ears. But i'm not just an Indie listener, i have quite an eclectic taste me thinks. I love a bit of 60's Soul, Drum and Bass, New Rave, the occasional Rap and very rarely and secretly indulge in a bit of Country now and then, as well as other types of music. i believe all genres of music have a very inspiring sense of style. I may, in fact, listen to my beloved Shania Twain tonight and tomorrow i'll turn up to college in Cowboy boots and Fringing! What an Idea.....I would certainly surprise a few people!

All this inspiration came from a free CD, cheers Sunday Times!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

A little inspiration from the Ndebele

I'm not usually one for knowing my branches of Zulu tribes but the Ndebele tribe of Zimbabwe are very Etro S/S 08. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Etro were inspired by the Ndebele's bold geometric paintings and stripy woollen garments, and not the other way around. I wish my house was like this, somehow beige stone just isn't all that inspiring.

The reason for all this culture would be my AS art exam. The 'question' I have chosen is the arts and crafts of Africa so if anyone can think of ANYTHING that would inspire me in this area I would be supremely grateful as I don't know what the frick to do basically.

(pictures from and national geographic. Oh yeah)

Off Target

I genuinely gasped at the photos of Jovovich-Hawk's new collection, look at the size of their legs! Just skin and bones. I'm quite surprised to see still so many photos of underweight models on the catwalks and such, after all the push against anorexia in the industry nothing seems to have changed. I'm especially disappointed in Milla and Carmen, who are both former models, for reinforcing such behaviour. Tut tut.

The collecton wasn't great either, rather dull if you ask me, there collections usually are. There's the occasional nice piece and it's wearable unlike most. I see why its so dull and wearable though, apparently they have just joined a number of other designers who design for Target's Go International project - their stuff will be available in stores early next month. Who knows if Target stuff is available for me to purchase, can't say i'm that fussed if this is what their clothes are going to look like. You can see the full collection at

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Deep Purple

Well look at that I matched my shoes to my dress. These are the newest tights in my collection. m&s is my new hosiery stockist of choice. Such a lovely thick weave. I think the Hockney in the background adds a bit of colour. That thing on my arm is a bruise, I bruise wierd.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Accidental florals

I think all this talk of florals has affected my subconsiously and I am wearing them every day it seems. Also apparently I can't stand with my legs together and the wrinkly knee saga continues.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

When it rains wear flowers

I'm some kind of gangsta grandma. I was wearing a gold chain and a red mac but I couldn't be bothered to redress as I am lazy.

Wowzers look at those trousers!

I think I read that in Smash Hits or something in response to Ronan Keatings horrific trousers.

But the aim here is not ridicule my friends, but joy! Everyone has gone dip dye mad it seems, from Flying Saucer's amaaazing dress to Susie Bubble's splendid tights and skirt.

These are joy to my little eyes. Levi's jeans customised for Teen Vogue by Sue Stemp. I need them now. Do I dare make some? I'd have to hunt down some bleached or light grey skinny jeans and then risk ruining them entirely. But isn't fashion all about taking risks. They have grey ones in Primark but they don't always fit well. Well we shall see.

Monday, 4 February 2008

The oufit I wore today was...

Aah the joys of self timer. The outer pictures were taken in my presently chaotically destroyed kitchen the middle one was taken in my room, which is rather bright and colourful. No wonder I dress in the distinctive, brash hues I do, waking up in a 'Sexy Pink' (thank you Dulux) and lime green room will do that to a girl.
The skirt is actually a dress but its quite girly so I had to tone it down a peg or two as I a rather not girly.
I used to write down what I wore everyday, because I'm a nerd, but I got bored of that. But then I became stressed as I didn't know what I'd worn and when and I couldn't handle it. So now my February resolution is to photgraph my outfit every day. This will hopefully improve my disappointing camera skills in the process. Two birds, one stone kids.
Crikey I need some new skinny jeans check out those saggy knees!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

When boy meets girl('s fashion)

The amount of women who fell in love with Balenciaga Fall 2007 I couldn't say, but oh gosh I'm guessing it was a fair few.
But this is rather different.
I'm not sure what I feel towards this. I supose it's quite clever because the look is quite androgynous and I'd never really looked at it that way. Usually when an outfit is straight off the catwalk it loses something. But because, and I'm putting this rather bluntly, he is a man, it sort of works. I think. I just don't know any more. But I think the fact that it has made me see this look in an entirely different way is very interesting.

He is a bit of a fashion victim though, I'll give you that. The bag? and the teddy, now that's just downright creepy. Lose the bag and maybe it would work. maybe.

(picture from Sartorialist on