Thursday, 29 May 2008

Return of the Pam

It's been a while. Not sure if anyone's noticed but it's been almost 3 weeks!!! C'est ridiculous, non? I couldn't tell you what i've been doing but i just have had no time. You might think i had been studying, but you would be wrong. None of that has occured either, which is not good but i've got the whole weekend.....

I will stop gabbleing sometime.
Whilst being away from the 'Realm' i have managed to purchase quite a few items actually.
I said ages ago that i wanted a leather skirt, now i have one, but not too sure about it because it's sooo tight it shows every roll. I also said to Wendy that i would from stop buying clothes and start buying shoes, as i severely lack them, but that day i conmenced to buy 2 dresses. Thennnn today i finally stuck to this vow and bought some boots and some low-heels. I am very happy with all purchases and so decided to photograph them all for you to see.....

The beaded top is my sisters but a condition of her taking the photos was for that to appear in the photos. The boots are Oxfam, i've been looknig for some boots for a while and was amazed to find my big foot size in a charity shop, it NEVER happens! Also got the topshop super pale denim skinnies in the sale, they'e not the most flattering jeans on the old thighs but i can deal with it for these jeans.

Lovely white heels from British Heart Foundation another pair of charity shop shoes that actually fit (if a little big even, dare i say it), today was the 'miracle finds day' it seems, my sister also found a maxi dress for a ridiculously low price, it was the only one left and in her size. Excellent. Ha! Just realised my mole. hehehe.
I'm going to a christening for my cousin's child in a couple of weeks so i needed a new outfit for the event of course. Myself and Wendy-May went prepared for a hunt but we stubbled upon this beauty in the first shop we went in. British Heart Foundation in Leeds has been a god send for this past week. I also found the dress below in the same shop, on the same rail. I added the sash/bow myself, it's off another dress actaully but i thought it added a bit more colour. It's sort of Miu Miu-y in style though it doesn't stick out quite so much, the skirt part, it's getting there though!
Below are the boots in close-up. they're sort of cowboyish. (so when i got home i did the cotton eye joe dance with the family....t'was fun, a tad surreal, but fun!) Susan, i don't know if she does anymore, but she did want some cowboy boots so i feel a bit bad, but heck she's the same size and can wear them when she likes without paying a penny! It's a win-win for her...Not so much for me.

Now this is the leather skirty girty, look at the mammoth of the slit! Well you can't really see it, but it's ma-hoo-sive so i have to wear it to the side because otherwise i would indeed be revealing my self to the nation. Other than the tightness and the slit it is wonderful, the price was rather tasty also, only £8!! The stripey top i have live in for the past week andi never do that, i always wait at least two weeks before wearing the same item again, it's a weird problem i have, but I adore stripes and it's so big and comfy i simply couldn't help myself!

Yey! Grey's Anatomy, Heroes and Gossip Girl tonight. Very much looking forwards to them all.

And to all a goodnight!

Colour and the city.

One of the best films I have seen in a while! I was worried that it would be over rated and be disappointing. I know it sounds silly but it has everything you could want from a film. I don't want to give anything away in case you are wanting to go see it, but the three of us were so in awe of Carrie's wardrobe we got a tad emotional. Also I don't think I have laughed that much in the cinema before. However some of the puns are over used in my eyes and a bit cheesey. But I can live with that.
If you love sex and the city, I highly recommend you see it. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

On another note! The other Saturday Pammy and I went to a friends for a picnic of sorts, Susan was unable to make it due to family arrangements. It was fun despite the high winds and beng hit on the head by the back of a deck chair. I be in the blue tights, Pammy be in the purple!And yes those are water guns in our hands. Then we travelled to another friends for a bit of Eurovision joy! O I do love the cheesey music and the politics of it all! Next year I may even have a Eurovision party, who knows...

Monday, 26 May 2008

Group Photo!

i have been entirely rude. Not posting, not commenting. Heck. I got carried away by having so much free time but have now decided I probably should revise coz, you know, don't want to fail in life and stuff.
But check these out, just lovely. I have a photo of my friends that is similar to the 4th one but this makes me want to take more. You've got to love a good group photo.

According to The Kills song Cheap and Cheerful 'you can't survive on ice cream' - oh I beg to differ. I'll show them.
Sandra Freij from Photo Decadent.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Sales and Charity Shops.

So much for not shopping for a while! I decided not to take any money into town because otherwise I would just spend it, logical thinking. Only were theres a cash machine theres a way. Damn it. (sorry the pictures aren't too good, my sister ran off to Cyprus with the camera for 3weeks so I have to use my phone!)

The reason why I wasn't meant to shop was because I finally bought this playsuit off the Topshop website, see this is what happens when I have no exams and I'm still on study leave. So today I bought these. The white t-shirt and skirt are from Topshop (again) and the necklace is from Oxfam. They were in the sale so I feel a little better about it!

The dress is from Scope. I plan to take it up a bit as it falls to the knee, but it may take a while for me to get around to that.


Monday, 19 May 2008

Volume 2

I have now finished my exams until my drama exam in 2 weeks, so I am up and posting once more! Earlier Susan posted some pictures we took one fine day at my home and here are some more of them. Being the fool I am, I somehow lost a load of them though, and these are all I could find. Enjoy. This weekend the three of us ventured up to the Spring Festival, which takes place in Pammy and Susans village. Spring Festival is a folk fesitival complete with Morris dancers, stalls and a circus tent!Last year we attempted the uni-cycle, unfortunatly this year we missed that part of the day. It was delighful despite the weather, which makes me feel as if we are in the middle of autumn, not heading into the summer time! It better buck up its ideas otherwise we will all be cooped up during our exam leave, and no one wants that now.


Monday, 12 May 2008

Summer is on its way you know.

One exam down, 6 to go for me, rather a few more for the other two. General studies is the biggest waste of time and the exam started 45 minutes late so that was even frickin worse!

Therefore to relax and unwind from this stressful event I'm going to post these pictures we did ages ago, there's some more which someone will eventually get round to posting aswell hopefully. But here's a few for now. We just each took some clothes to Wendy-May's house, which is very lovely, and wandered round taking photos.

This weekend was possibly one of the most perfect of my life.
We started by ambling home from college, stopping of at a friend's for Fab's and then went to the chippie and Spar. We then sat in my garden for a bit and then set up some tents. We drank some lovely fruit cider, and rose. We also drank Strongbow for the first time since Leeds Fest and amazingly didn't throw up. Then us three spent saturay in my garden, revised a little but soon got bored. We then ate some Nobbly Bobbly ice lollies which I highly recommend, if only for the comedy value, and some chicken with Reggae Reggae sauce. Then me and Pam went to a friends BBQ, unfortunately Wendy-May had family plans and revision. Everyone else got drunk except us, which was a first, so it was fun to watch and laugh. Sunday was a bit boring.
that's how summer shoule be, I think. days like tha. Start as you mean to go on kids!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just Another Ebay Dilemma.

I really don't know what to do so please help. I really want both these items from Ebay but can only afford the one. The floral playsuit ends in 3 days but is currently cheaper than the skirt. But the skirt ends in a day. So the playsuit could end up being more expensive. Also i already have like 5 denim skirts, on the other hand the playsuit could possibly be too small for me. Argh Dilemma! I have no clue what to do.

I'm rather stressed if you cannot already tell, my exams start tomorrow and i don't feel prepared at all. This ebay business is just adding to it all aswell. All i am doing today is revising so hopefully by tomorrow i will have calmed a bit andd decided which item to purchase. I would really appreciate some help in the decision making though!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I think the word is plagiarism...

Ten letters, starts with B.

Topshop do the best, if not most obvious, catwalk copies. I'm not going to lie, I quite enjoy. And that is saying a lot as I LOVE the designer they have takes 'inspiration' from. I think the fact that it is so blatantly copied is what amuses me. Hmm, structured, panelled jackets and skirts with huge floral prints it's not like it a tradtional wardrobe staple.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

If you go down to the woods today!

Pammy, Susan and I went to the woods behind my house today. It was lovely! We are planning to build a tree swing, so we were scouting out suitable trees. The sun made us giddy, you may be able to tell!

Maybe if we succeed in the building of a tree swing we will attempt a tree house! Who knows!

Simplizing myself.

Its is summer. The GMTV people told me it would reach 70 degrees by the end of this week. Me and a friend decided this was farenheit, not celsius, on account of the fact that water boils at 100 deggrees celsius so we would probably all die.

People at college have suddenly decided a bit of sunshine means full summer garb can be donned. We've seen people wearing skirts!! It's a miracle. Skinny jeans, a nice top, cardigan and/or a fake/real (depending on how rich you are) leather jacket and (most likely Ugg) boots or ballet shoes are usually the order of the day. What a refreshing change.

To me the sun means I have to cut down on layers. Let's just say exposure of flesh is not my friend.

Heck that was a ramble.

Here is Tuesday's outfit. 1 layer kids!

I wish this top was just that little bit longer, you know? As I do love the mix of tan and deep red, though I think the blue workd ok. I didn't wear the boots to college as I it is not wise for me to wear heels out and about due to my lack of balance and apalling centre of gravity. OMG someone was wering the same top as me!! Granted it was in grey but that is not the point. We had English together and thank god we don't sit next to each other any more. This has never happened before, tis a strange feeling. But me and Wendy-May have often worn similar outfits. Maybe I'm just getting too predictable?!

A little bit of inspiration goes a long way:

She is a genius, we all know this. I'm guessing you have all seen the fashion156 shoot. If not go now! go now! go now! It is imperative as it is superly splendid.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

One Crazy Lady!

I need to stop writing about women in fashion!

I'm avoiding doing revision, i know i'm going to fail my exams but i get distracted easily. The allure of the internet is too much for me, i have to give in.
So the crazy lady i'm talking about is indeed Betsey Johnson. I usually don't bother looknig at her collections because none of it really appeals to me but today is different it seems, i'm loving the tacky shizzzz. Most of it is just ridiculously unwearable for me but if ever i can afford and i'm in a eccentric mood, i will go to Betsey.
All the glasses are awesome as are the tights. And some of the shoes. T'would be amazing if i dared wear the outfits. I'd wear a lot of the pieces seperately but probably wouldn't dare wear it all together.