Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Brownies and bubble blowing.

On Saturday Pammy and I went to Manchester to do some shopping! It was quite last minute, in fact I somehow managed to get ready to go in about ten minutes, but I'm a very glad i went as I found some good stuff.
We started off in Pop, where I found this 50's housewife type skirt, once again its floral!
I finally found a Brownies t-shirt and in the same vintage shop Pammy found a leather skirt, both these items each of us have wanted for some time now. And I like Topshop, but I like it even better when there is a sale as the normally unaffordable becomes semi affordable and I get a little happy! I found these jeans with zip detail, and at half price I thought it would be silly to not get them, seen as they were the only pair left and they were the perfect size! I also found this t-shirt, which reminds me of when I was a child and we did bubble blowing to create "art".
A few days before our little trip to Manchester Pammy, Susan and I went into town for a spot of charity shop shopping where I found this skirt, which I shall wear as a dress as I am not the size of a 11 year old!
So much for me not shopping for a while!
Sorry the photos are a bit dodgy!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

We Know All About You, Yes We Do.

Ok so i'm probably really behind but how cool is Ebony Bones? I only discovered her today and instantly had to google her. Can't say her music really excites me, apart from the beat behind 'We Know All About You' which is coowell as heck, but her style is so colourful and exciting!! I have slightly changed my mind about her music since i've listened to a couple more songs whilst writing this. I shall have to be doing a bit of downloading. You should listen yourselves and decide. Then let me know if you feel like it.
I tell you what i am sure of though, her amazing style, that's what! Sooo colourful....

Myself and Wendy-May visited the city of Manchester on saturday for a bit of shopping. T'was very very wonderful, even though Susan dearest couldn't join us, we each got things we've been lusting after for quite a long period of time. So that was very nice. I will indeed take some photos, shitty photos, but photos. We all have exams too soon so sorry if i'm a bit sporadic with the posts. Have a lovely evening!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Let's Play McTag!

Aha! We have been tagged, not once but twice. We're so unorganized that we've only just got round to the tagging bonanza. We were tagged, very kindly, by e.jay at AmalgaMade and Diamond Canopy

So here's the rules Kids:
Create a link to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules for this game on your blog.
Tell 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about you.
After answering the questions tag six other people and link them in your blog.
Tell the people you've tagged about it in their own blogs.

Because we are a triangle, we will only tell you 2 each and tag 5 between us, otherwise we'll be here all the livelong day. And that's not what you want.

1. I don't like odd numbers. The volume on the T.V or on the radio has to be an even number, I don't know why it just has to be.
2. When I was 7 i broke my leg when I fell off the monkey bars. I was in hospital for 2 months and haven't been on the dreadful things since.
3. I like words. I fixate on certain ones for ages, and use them to annoying degrees, at the moment I keep calling everyone 'kids' and putting Mc in front of everything (as seen in this post title) I eventually begin to hate myself for doing it and stop.
4. I fall down. Rather a bit. Particular highlights include: a slow motion fall at a funeral, swinging around a lamp post when trying to keep my balance and slipping on ice when getting out of the car and lying there for about a minute, right in front of school.
5. I have abnormally large ears, particularly the lobe. I have been called Dumbo in the past and so refuse to watch the darned film.
6. My family owns a bakery, so I gets free cake, buns and bread!

Henceforth, we tag:
Kool Thing of Softcore Jukebox
Parmaviolet of Anonymous Nonsense
Any available people at a Side Order of Style
Katie at Sugarplum Ragdoll
Kirsty at Kirsty Loves

If you have already been tagged or just plain can't be arsed, we won't hold it against you. Just let it be known we like what you do.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sod's Law.

When I have a reasonable amount of money there is nothing I like, when I have £4 in my 25p purse, there are fashion gems galore.

Exhibit : Brogues for £15 from New Look they have been reduced from £25 and I have wanted them for ages. I actually want them in black and white, very Fred Astaire, but they didn't have them on the website.

Exhibit B: Acid wash skinny trousers from Toppenshop, also £15, well £13.50 with my student card. They only had one pair, in my size! they were mcperfect I tell you. they're stangely soft as well. If I couldn't have them, I'd have these, £25 from topshop again but they're jeans and Topshop jeans tend to sag.
We had a right charity shop spree and heck they were rife with goodies! Wendy-May got a lovely skirt an top and I consoled myself witht this £2.50 dress (skirt to some) which is rather a WTF pattern (apologies for stealing this from Susie)

Seriously if I had the moolah it'd be spend spend spend, there were thousand of floral dresses and skirts. I suppose this is just my fault for being lazy and not getting a job but I am trying to concentrate on my exams you see. And as for my my vow not to buy any more clothes for a while, well that certainly worked.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Blacklisting the fool!

You may notice that The Sartorialist has been removed from our links. Susan and I were looking at said blog and were disgusted by how he picked apart a girl. If he didn't like her style why would he take pictures of her?
He claims she needs a make over, saying that the boots she's wearing make her legs look shapeless. He clearly doesn't understand the meaning of the word. The nicest thing he could say was "At least the dress is savable but that neckline combined with her hair does nothing for her long neck." He suggested "Since she is a student I thought we would also go to Gap or J. Crew", so he thinks all students should shop in the same places?
And as for changing her hair - the colour is one I've been wanting to achieve!

Anyway! Susan and I decided to use our free period wisely and take photos of what we wore today! Unfortunatly Pammy was unable to join us.
Jeans-Topshop, Skirt-H&M, Top- Charity Shop, Long sleeve Top- Gap, Denim Jacket- Charity Shop


Tights- Marks and Spencers, Shorts- Susans Wardrobe Orginally from Gap, Yellow Top- Topshop, Black Top- Zara, Green Totally Lovers Top- Pamela's Wardrobe Orginally from Zara. Once again I am hardly wearing any of my own clothes! 3 wardrobes may as well use them!

Also, we are working on the Tag. Hopefully it will be up soon!


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Internet shopping how you torture me!

For a while I have wanted a Brownies t-shirt, not the new ones though! The old kind one i used to wear in my days of learning to sew, bake and care for others! My little sash was full of so many badges! I went on ebay, after finally setting up an account and I managed to find a Brownies top, not only in my size but in my very limited price range, with only 30mins left to bid! Of course I had only just set up my Ebay account and hadn't realised that setting up my paypal account would take a long time indeed, 7-9 days to be exact!Susan was trying to help me while she was on the phone but as I'm useless I lost out! and now I can't find one!

Then yesturday I was browsing the Topshop website. I should not do that.

I saw this again.

Everytime I see it I convince myself I need it. And my good friend Miss A was not helping. Even at £45 she was trying to convince me it was neccesary to get it. She can be the devil. I may have to wait for the sale!
I also saw this in the last chance to buy section, I like it but they don't have my size and I don't have the money!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I'm afraid they just weren't dressed for the beach

Because sometimes, your friends are your biggest inspiration.

Pamela is the red haired one, Wendy-May the brunette. We often dress a bit over the top, but i think this takes the biscuit. I Love it.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Deacon 4 Daks

If what i am reading is correct this current seasons Daks by Giles Deacons Luxury collection will be the last. It's not my favourite collection ever but it was pretty good. Apparetnly they want to concentrate on the ready-to-wear collection. I like a bit of Luxury to look at, not that i ever go anywhere glamorous enough to wear such things, even if i did i'd have to sell something very important to get it. But hey it's nice to look.
Is it just me or do these look quite similar? Top Dress for Daks Luxury collection, Below from previous New Look 'Gold' collection.
On a totally different note i have been getting my daily dose of ebay and came across this Vintage Lace Skirt that i love love love. The price at the minute is certainly affordable but it still has 3 days left. We'll see....

OMWord Urban Outfitters is coming to Leeds!!! Oh yeah no more ridiculously pricey train fare to Manchester just for Urban Outfitters. Wooo yeah i'm excited! I don't know when it's opening though... oh well at least it's coming at all!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Honey I Shrunk my skirt!

Or at least I tried! I bought this skrit from H&M and I tried to shrink it as its rather big! The shrinking didnt have much effect, if anyone has any ideas of how to do it I'd be trés grateful!
So this week Pammy gave me this item from River Island to incorporate into my outfit.

I wore it with knee high socks, purple tights from Primark, and my top half is all Topshop-I've just realised! Again I didn't really dress for the weather but I put on a pair of long gloves - or "arm warmers"- from Marks and Spencers and I was ready to go!
Yesturday I managed to rip my vertical striped tights from Oasis before I had enough worn them, hopefully if I wear them with black ones underneath you wont be able to see the actually ladder as much!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Calling America

My t-shirt draw after dress up time.

America, not usually a country I turn to for inspiration, though there are some excellently stylish people out there, I mean you US bloggers obviously, but a lot of the population leave a lot to be desired. When it comes to style I'm quite patriotic, I know we also have some highly unstylish and downright fashion embarassments in the UK, but there is a lot here to love.

So anyway I decided to keep an open mind and attempt some outfits inspired by the Americana trend, and the shoot in the April issue of UK Elle. Its not exactly Americana, in fact when I asked my mum what country she thought I was channelling in the first outfit she said Poland, so yeah, thanks mum. I mainly went for denim with blue, white and red with a few American Indian touches.

Here's what I came up with.

I wore this last oufit today, prompting comments about leather trousers. It's more than a little bit inspired by, is it Ashley?, Olsen except wothout the anorexia, sunglasses and Starbucks. I intend to get some American Apparel leggings when we go to London for a school trip, as my Primark ones are a bit battered.
Ok, this is a big step for me, but I've resolved not to buy any clothes for a while. This is partly due to the fact that all I hav in my purse is 21p and a load of old train tickets. But also because, doing this dressing up made me realise I actually have rather a lot of clothes and a lot of them can be updated in some way. I want to be more inventive with what I already have, armed with a wardrobe and lots of bloggery and magazince inspiration here I go kids!

Gladiators. Are you ready?

I'm not sure that i have mentally prepared myself for it being brought back, it's only been 8 years since it was cancelled. Sky One are resurrecting the UK version and it'll be back this May. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a programme about testing how strong and fit you are. Members of the public volunteer to go head to head with the professional Gladiators to see if they can get to the final and win some money. It's the cheesiest thing you will ever see. It went off air in 2000, probably because of all the steroid abuse. But it's back this spring with new hosts Kirsty Gallacher and Ian Wright. Don't worry now it'll be the same referee John Anderson, he's still going strong!

'Oh dear oh dear' I say. It'll be one of the programmes that i know i'll end up getting hooked to. To be fair i grew up watching it on a saturday tea time along with It's a Knockout! Oh the nineties. I'm rather intrigued to see what they'll do with it actually. Though i'm reluctant to watch it due to the overload of lyrca all in ones. There are American and Australian versions of the shows that are still running, i can't say i've ever caught either of them.

Speaking of TV, did anyone see the first episode of the new show Pushing Daisies. It's on ITV in Britain. Everyone i asked today hadn't watched it. I really wanted to discuss it with someone because i think it's going to be very enjoyable. I think Anna Friel is stunning, a good actress and wears some really stylish clothes in it.

Also the shows about a pie maker so it's bound to be good. What particularly impressed me though was how they, sort of, stylised it. I don't this is the correct word for what i'm trying to describe hmm. there was a kind of cartoony magical colourful effect going on. Well you'll just have to watch it to find out what i mean!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Spring and such

Lately I have been channeling spring and that meant that I have not always been dressing appropriately. So today I was happy to see the sun. However i was not happy to see that Pammy was taken ill as she missed one joyous psychology lesson (and I'm a little jealous she got to stay wrapped in a duvet).
As i was feeling all springy I couldn't help but wear my floral dress from Zara, which I seem to have been drawn to a few times in the past weeks. I also wore a dress us three found hiding in a charity shop for £1, a bargain if i ever did see one! The zara dress is rolled up slightly so that you can see the blue charity shop dress, then i just put on some dove grey tights and ankle boots! It seemed to confuse a few people that I could actually be wearing two dresses at one time, but the fact they want to wear uggs confuses me.

Anyway I can't put off doing my sociology any longer.


Disco Disco

We are now three, it's very exciting stuff! The 3 of us went out for a friends birthday meal on saturday night and this is what i wore. Jacket On. Jacket Off.

Dress - Charity Shop, Cardigan - Men's Primark, Boots - New Look, Socks - M&S, Necklaces - Miss Selfridge, Vintage and New Look.

I bought this dress the other week in a charity shop in Leeds, at the same trip i also bought a white dress from H&M. I had an outfit planned for college today including said dress but unfortunately illness has taken me down, rugby tackled me to the sofa all day in fact, so i was unable to wear it today. It had a trim around the bottom but i unpicked it last night, i'm not one for the added bit on the end of items i prefer straight lines and this trim was all sticky outy and not correct. I just need to hem the dress now and then i will most certainly be wearing it alot, it'll probably take me a while to bother getting the sewing machine out so for now i'll just wear a skirt over the top!

I love cheap charity shop finds, the dress i'm wearing in the photo only cost £5. Finds like this are the best.

I also found some victorian style vintage boots on ebay that i've fallen head over heels for. Unfortunately they were going for like £30 and now they have gone forever. I will remember them always...

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Welcoming Wendy-May

R.O.F.Y has a new member upon them! And that would be Wendy-May otherwise known as Sister W. I like bright tights and patterns, floral dresses and high waisted items.
The dress, i found in my dressing up box, my gran made it for me when i was ten. The top is from primark and so are the tights. The shoes are from topshop. And the belt is vintage.
"If you rebel against heels, make sure to do so in a very smart hat."

Friday, 11 April 2008

Lu Kun

Is a designer based in Shang-hai, China. I heard about him a couple of weeks ago on the ever cheesy but excellent America's Next Top Model. I am probably really behind and everyones already heard of him but what you gonna do. So i googled his name a few days ago and could only find photos of his last year collection. Its pretty alright, me thinks, nothing special. Quite oddly there were two random dresses at the end of the photos that do not fit with the rest at all. but they are most definitely designed by him. How odd!

Sorry the pictures are blurred and small.
Some of the stuff was frankly hideous but some was ok. A bit of a variety. I am wondering what you think? Be aware i selected the best of the bunch here, this is a mere sample.

I got all the images off , i'm afraid i am useless and don't know how to link. sorry.

Thankyou for all the lovely comments, they are always greatly received!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Today I wore

This! Of course the two main items are not mine. The denim jacket being Susan's and the dress being Sister W's.

Denim Jacket - Charity Shop, Black dress - dorothy perkins, t-shirt - H&M, Black tights - no idea, Grey socks - and heart shoes - H&M kids (i have no clue how i fit in them as they're a 6 and i'm actaully a 7, surely children don't have size 7 feet!)

You can see a tiny peek of my newly acquired frigey fringe. it's a full one and i love it! i've been deliberating whether to get one or not for a year now and i finally made the cut last thursday. i am very pleased with it indeed.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Must Confess

I am indeed referring to Britney's classic, before the crazee days she did release some right corkers!, Hit Me Baby One More Time. I saw the video today for the first time in ages, that's what it's like at my college. I don't know about yours but the girls do wear tiny skirts and tied shirts all the time, it's the social norm apparently. Obviously i don't conform, but Susan on the other hand, you've seen her profile, she likes the tied shirt look! hardyha.

Hi, I'm Pamela and i'm addicted to borrowing clothes. (Applause). Thanks for the support guys!

I confess it, all i do is borrow Susan, Sister B's and Sister W's clothes. Most of my oufits include an item that's not mine. Today i went all out and decided to only wear my vest top and belt. I think if your gonna do it, you might as well go for it. The jeans, gold top and under vest top are not my own. Well it's not like i'm gonna refuse if they're offering!

I realise the first photo is blurry but it looked better than the other one i took from that angle, not that i'm a pro or anything. The last photo is the detail of my outfit, which gathered mainly around the waist area. Due to the chilly weather that Susan reported on in the previous post i wore many a-layer today. 5 infact. Layering is our game. It's official.

Gold wrap top - Dorothy Perkins, Checked vest top - H&M, Undervest top - Primark, Belt - Vintage, Stripey Trousers - H&M.

Now to my psychology's 10.30 in the evening so wish me luck getting that finished!