Friday, 26 October 2007

Jealous? Yes.

Francoise Hardy. Could she be the luckiest woman in the world? Actress, Singer and apparently an astrologer. Plus she's french which usually means you are born with natural elegance and grace. She's a 60's icon and now lives near Paris still married to her partner of about 50 years. Lucky Devil!

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I was shocked to find that i desired greatly for a Kate Moss for Topshop dress, but it happened without me realising. The colour is lover-ly and the ruffles, well they're ruffles, which are almost always fabulous - the whole garment just entranced me. i think its mainly down to the colour and the fabric together but (sigh) its the usual problem one simply cannot afford!
I am actually finding that i like a few pieces from her collections, craziness i know, most of the clothes have been terrible especially the first collection, however they are gradually getting better. Before i commit myself to this theory we'll have to wait and see what she comes up with next time.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

I like to believe she didn't even intend to look like Father Christmas. The child looks frightened. I have a red mac, maybe one day I will try this, maybe not.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hi. I'm an idiot.

Keeping to the subject of dresses I found this lovely character in Oasis for a lovely 10 english pounds. I didn't try it on, I was worried it was too 'tacky'. Also these people next to me were laughing at it, this doesn't usually perturb me but i just couldn't be bothered at that time. When I got home I realized my foolish mistake. I hunted for it on ebay and its going for much more that a tenner. how distressing, yes. It is of a lovely sparkly fabric and is spongy to the touch, like neoprene I think. Also available in black for your delectation.I hadn't thought about it at the time, but realised all too late how inkeeping it is with this seasons Balenciaga 'structured' shapes. I am studying the figure in art and as I do with all all ar projects, all projects actually if I can find a way, I have linked it to fashion. Balenciaga is one of the key ones I have been looking at, the cocoon coats from a couple of seasons ago and the jodhpurs of last winter. I have loved the last few collections especially last A/W, but then again who didn't.
However, this season is a bit samey. Mr Ghesquière tends to stick to one idea or theme but he hasn't really developed it here except with pattern and fabric and the occasional trousers. Still, its a lot more interesting to look at than most collections lastely and I'm still holding a torch (or candle?) for old Balenciaga.
Oh, on a random note you must check out Drinking In LA by The Twang from that Radio 1 covers CD. The original was excellent, yes, but this is too. If it were a cake I would eat it. But then I would eat most cakes.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Dresses Dresses Dresses

Dresses, perhaps the easiest item of clothing to wear and look fabulous in. I love them and therefore own a number of them myself, but still not enough. You can never have enough dresses. Prada's little Sis Miu Miu's new collection contains many many fabulous examples of more dresses i'd absolutely love to own, but wouldn't we all. Clearly they like the mini style which is a bit trickier to wear as i am not a model, or anywhere close to being a model, but obviously i'd deal with it it they were to kindly give me one. Gosh what a dream, to be send a Miu Miu dress out of the blue.....
Miu Miu definitely produced one of the best collectons this week at Paris, in my opinion, although i rather enjoyed that of Sonia Rykiel - i can't pin point what it is about the clothing that i adore so, but it works for me! All of the others i've viewed were severely disappointing with the exception of the odd piece that is.

Back to dresses! These are just a very select few picks from the urban outfitters website that i quite like, although they are more accessible than the Miu Miu ones they're certainly not more affordable for me as i have no money. I would own all types of dresses if i could, whether it be a little black one, a simple day style one or a fabulous couture-esque one.
At the moment i have cravings for Gothic style velvet dresses, with a bit of lace and/or corset area to pull in the stomach! It would be short, i think. I don't quite know how it'd work but when i see it i'll know! And if anyone spots a fabulous dress whilst surfing the net please feel free to feed my addiction and show me it! Much appreciated!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Excuse me I have a train to catch

I would take this on a train. As in one of those old fashioned trains like on Some Like It Hot and that godawful M&S advert. Its the most annoying thing I've seen in a long while. Oh remember that time you were wandering round on a train in your underwear? NO! because it did not happen! I have somewhat strayed from my point which is that this is nice:
But is this better??

Oh its available in black patent too, all from Topshop you know. £70 for just the big bag err no ta. If you happen to have £70 knocking about at least buy these:

You would also have a fiver left over so then you could have shiny trousers and cake. Or the snack of you choice.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Harry Potter: The Midget

Let it be known: pamela and I are massive Harry Potter nerds. We therefore obviously know that Ginny and Harry get together in book 6 so then this picture is highly amusing to me.Indeed there is nothing amusing about a short man and taller woman but it will be somewhat amusing to watch him struggle and to see if they make her look shorter in the film. You now understand just how much of a nerd I am. She may well be wearing heels for all I know, she also has a nice fringe, but the outfits are all disappointing. Emma Watson has been hailed as some sort of up and comer in the style stakes but erm nowt special here. And Evanna Lynch? I had higher hopes I'll tell you. She also seems to have a tail of feathers. She doesn't always look entirely sane but hey at least she's adventurous! Emma Watson is as safe as houses, not in a good way, there was that Chanel dress where she was drowning in tassels but that was just not quite right you know. It is unfathomably fair that she gets to wear Chanel Couture and its salt in the wound when she gets it wrong.
I need a Spice Girls ticket please. I have a scarf from when I saw them the first time round, when else will I get to use it? When? I registered with many email addresses, including my father's and he was the only one who received the email with special codes etc, when he read the email it was too late. They sold out in 38 seconds. I will now drown my sorrows in a mini roll.