Sunday, 23 August 2009

New Me...

So it's been a while, a lot has changed actually. I turned 18, I finally passed my driving test; got pulled over by the police three days later, I got a laptop after receiving my a level results and being accepted at Portsmouth Uni, I got a contract phone AND I got my hair cut. Mostly good change, wouldn't you agree? I don't wish to imply I'm a criminal, the police situation was very terrifying, I hadn't even done anything wrong except I got in the wrong lane and cut across into the one I needed to be in, it was 1.30 in the morning so the roads were empty, except for the police car of course (it's just my luck!). All is sorted now, it was one of a few surreal situations I find myself in these days.

Anywhichway, lets get down to business. Gifts! Here are some pictures of the stuff I got for my 18th...

My ring for Wendy-May, unfortunately I didn't get a proposal.

A dish I bought myself with birthday money from a charity shop, I thought i'd be nice to keep my rings, bracelets and earrings in at Uni.

Lovely Necklaces from friends.

Got loads of gorgeous bracelets from family and friends. The butterfly one is handmade bought from an auction, which is pretty cool. I wear it all the time.

Birthday dress from Susan. Love the colour and the back I do.

The birdcage necklace from a friend.

Treated myself to these gorgeous Topshop heels, they are really comfy and only cost me £6 from the market.

I also got the camera that I took these pictures with, a sewing machine and 3 ear piercings from Susan, Wendy-May and Sister A. I aim to have them done all the way down. I had an excellent birthday all in all. Many a brilliant celebration was had. Lots of free drinks and icecream. And the best birthday cake in the world...

They may kill me for this but oh well I'm feeling rebellious after my run in with the police. Here is a funny photo Of Susan and Wend on results night. They were drunk and apparently feeling gangsta. It's a shame you can't see their outfits.

Happy Holidays everybody, lets pray for sun whilst we're at Leeds Fest this next weekend. Now what to wear...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Stars, The Moon, They Have All Been Blown Out.

I do love summer, when the sun actually shines and bright colours are everywhere, however this summer has not really lived up to this, and all summer I have been wanting to wear comfy clothing. Therefore I am excited for winter. This has also been brought upon by Topshop's Highland Fling collection. I have decided I need a tartan crop corset in my life and thigh high boots. I am also loving a lot of the ankle boots they have to offer. Especially the second and last pair. I would love to invest in a pair.

photos from

Speaking of investing in ankle boots, I recently purchased these. I decided I would as last year I wanted a similar pair and let them slip through my fingers and I could not let this happen again. I wore them on a night out and my feet did not even hurt, which is just lovely! They are no longer as perfect as they were because of the night out. At first I was a little sad, and vowed to revenge whoever it was that stood on my foot, but now I feel that they are more me.

Sorry about the small photos. Does anyone know how I could get them bigger?


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

There once was an ugly duckling.

This isn't exactly fashion related, but fashion is about appearances so I'm saying it's all relative. I was watching 'You have been watching' and it had clips from the American programme The Swan. I'd never seen it before but I can honestly say it looks like the most soul destroying programme that could ever be made. The basic concept is that they take "ugly" women and turn them into beauty queens. They have lock two women up in a house without mirrors and they have surgery, makeovers and counselling. The latter might redeem the situation somewhat, but I doubt it. Then, after making them "beautiful" they go and tell one of them they were just that bit better than the other and they go on to the beauty contest finale. The loser goes home and cries, and possibly becomes a serial killer, I don't know, as I say I haven't seen it all the way through.
The makeovers are downright creepy; they make the women look generic and tacky. This photoshoot on Foto Decadent reminded me so much of this. Which is, I guess, what they were going for. If so, I enjoy the irony. I was thinking how all the 'afters' look dead behind the eyes, but then I realised thats pretty much the general model face. I do enjoy these editorials with storylines, I often think that a sense of humour and personality is missing from fashion. I think I like this one, I'm not sure. Though for God sake Linda Evangelista I know you're amazing and everything but change your freaking facial expression every now and then!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

If We Lived In The 60's, We Would...

Dance like no one was watching...

Take road trips in the middle of the night...

Stand up for what we believed in...

Not care what others were thinking...

Lay around, dreaming of the future...

But it's 2009 and we love doing it now!
It's Pamela's 18th tomorrow, I am excited, so god knows how she is feeling as she loves birthdays. Happy Birthday Pammy, let the celebrations be joyous (I know they will)!!