Monday, 29 September 2008

Please Confirm...

Ok, so us Brits may be a bit behind on America's Next Top Model, but 'cycle 10' has just started. At this moment I am watching their first photo shoot, where they are being homeless with other people in the shoot who were actually homeless...i think thats the gist of it anyway. ANWAY! Is is just me or is one of these other girls (who is called Isis) the Isis from cycle 11?and if this is right, should she be allowed to be in cycle 11?I am not sure on the rules or what not, I would just like to know if anyone else thinks it is her?

Sorry the pictures aren't to good, its the best I could find, if you would like to see more prove go on yes I am getting a little to obsessed with finding this out but I would like to know! Please let me know if i am wrong or not!

I got the Topshop tartan trousers . YAY! I decided to go for size 8's so if they did sag it wouldn't be the end of the world! I also managed to get my mum to buy me this coat (I realise I look very moody but I was planning to cut my face out...only I have seemed to misplace my photo editor sorry!!):

Wendy-May xx

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Addiction starts with shoes

After years of cursing Ebay I am now slightly addicted. Maybe not as much as pamela, but addicted all the same. However it is the place of finding bargains! I won the boots I posted about earlier and they actually fit perfectly. Well not at the moment as I fell over at my friends 18th and spent the next day in A&E, which resulted in a fat left foot, bandages and crutches, its not broken, apparantly I have done "soft tissue damage" (?) and I must go to physio yet again!. I blame aerosmith and alcholol. O the shame.

Anyway, back to Ebay. Yesturday the blazer I won for £1.04 ( o yes!) arrived. So here it is:

Pretty good price to say its new with tags!
However, Ebay isnt the greatest as you fall in love with an item then someone steals it in the ast few seconds. Thankfully this has not happened to me yet.

On Saturday I am off up to Liverpool to look at the university and while I am there I am going to get those tartan trousers from topshop which I posted about earlier. But I do not know whether to get them in the size 8 or 10, as both fit, but I am worried if I get the 10's they will stretch, as all my jeans seem to. The 8's fit and I know they will stay as skinny jeans, I just dont want to look like I have been vacuum packed in! But if this is the biggest worry in my life I am happy. Hopefully I will be able to walk by saturday!


Monday, 8 September 2008

It is official, I'm the geekiest person ever. I have made a compedium, this is the only word which I think justifies my overly comprehensive word document containing my favourite looks from every catwalk show so far. Thanks to WWD and I have looked at everything (and by everything I mean everything, freakin William Rast! What was I doing! If, as Timberlake says its "a true American brand" I fear for Americans who will have it inflicted upon them. It's not all bad, there's a nice fringe dress and some sleeveless tuxedo jacket things, but the mini ties? What you thinking there Justin? We used to think that was the height of cool in middle school, but that was middle school, in Yorkshire, step up your game Justin dear! Is it just me or does he look slightly ashamed as he walks on at the end, it's like he knows what he's set free in the world)

As I was saying........ Yes! In my searching here there and everywhere, I came across Tuleh, a line that I had heard of but never looked into. It's crazy! Like power dressing on acid. It reminds me of the outfits they wear to the wedding in The Sweetest thing, by the way this is a hilarious movie, if you haven't seen it, what are you doing? Go watch it now. please, you'll thank me for it. Cheearz!
If only I could be this nerdy about my college work, 2 pieces of 3,000 word coursework and my personal statement to do........ mmm. Should get round to that...
I realise I've been rather agressive in this post. Sorry, I'm angry and tired.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

I guess I didnt get the memo

So yesturday during the free period I had by myself I decided that I should do some work. Naturally I got distracted by blogs and Topshop. Whilst on Topshop I feel in love, twice. Firstly with these trousers, I really want them but I am uncertain wether it is wise to spend the money on them when I cannot wear them for years....I feel i may end up getting them.

My second love was these boots, but it was short lived, as shortly after I clapped eyes on them I found out our dear friend Sister A had bought them that same day. She had emailed us all declaring her love but I didnt get it. However this is a very good thing as it saved me £80 and I can borrow them, even if they are a tad big. So when I came home I got to searching for some new boots, but my expensive taste in shoes isnt the best thing, I don't even know why I went on Kurt Geiger, it's like torture. However Ebay is the best thing, once it finally let me create an account. As I found these... for £20! I do hope they arrive soon!

Now I need to find some new boots without heels, as the ones I got in a vintage shop sale last year have a hole in which today I covered up with masking tape for a quick fix, as holes are not good in this stupid British weather and the heel is gone, making it hard not to fall. Yesturday I nearly fell on my butt 4 times in the college social area, once I had to grab the door frame to try and keep some dignity. Also, when you are about to fall, why do you have to make a ridiculous noise, that draws more attention to yourself?!

I should really go and do some work now, seen as by the first lesson of the first day of college I was behind. A good start I think. Also my mind is finding it hard to decide on outfits but hopefully all will be well once I get used to not being as lazy as I have been over the summer.