Monday, 3 December 2007

Silly Silly Topshop

It really is just my luck, things never happen conveniently for me and on the VERY rare occasion that they do i literally praise the lord and i'm not even religious, for example when walking to a zebra crossing and the green man appears instead of the red the praying begins. At the time of my prom no such convenience came about, my dress was too small so my grandma had to readjust the seems - oh what a nightmare! Although the main dilemma was finding a fabulously multi-coloured necklace to brighten up my monochrome dress, i hunted high and low i did, from manchester to huddersfield and meadowhall to leeds just to find the perfect necklace. Nothing became of my search - until almost a year later whence i stubbled upon this mighty delight! It does not seem all that wonderful but it truly would have looked splendid with my prom dress, but no no topshop go and invent it about a year after it could have fulfilled its true purpose in life and most impotantly when i cannot afford it. It costs £10, but that is ten pounds i desperately need. Silly Silly Topshop.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Shake Your Tambourine

Err yeah. I'm probably behind most of the world but I have only just seen this video. I like it. It all jumpy and colourful and stuff.Both Pamela and I have very varied music tastes and I happen to have a bit of a penchant for rap. I liked Eve as a young one, but I have since moved on. The actual song is not splendid, but maybe it's a grower. She is wearing Christopher Kane!!! and many shiny leggings pop u now and then. I rather think Ms Stefani has been a positive influence on Eve, though the whole maid scene at the beginning is all too familiar of the, admittedly interesting, but altogether frickin annoying, harajuku girls. I need a party like the one at the end. Though maybe tone down the grindin'

Monday, 26 November 2007

mmm what to wear what to wear what to wear????

The season of the Clothes show is upon us and what to wear is our dilemma. This wouldn't trouble most people but we are extremely fashion conscious folk and are having mini stresses. So please help, please do. These are the options:

1. Pamela in the sexy country

2 Susan in pattern prolific

3. Susan in waisted

4. Susan in secretary chic:

5. Pamela in monochrome superhero

6. Pamela in stripy ho

7. Susan in fools gold

Please help and suggest some possibilities. Highly Appreciated! Cheearz!

Sunday, 25 November 2007


Once upon a time not too long ago i was flicking through some music channels whence i stumbled upon this, at this point i would usually describe said video, but i'm absolutely lost for words. My ability to form an opinion has totally abandoned me. I understand and appreciate that they are trying to be 'arty' but i don't even know if that has worked. Ich bin confused i certainly don't like it, in fact it kind of creeps me out as at one point she humps a giant teddy, but i wouldn't be as definite as to say i hate it. Oh this is Robyn's video for Handle Me by the way.
This dress really reminds me of Lily Allens noddy dress and hate to admit it as i do not like Lily Allen but hers is a lot nicer.

Is this an actual hotdog suit in the style of The Queen of Heart's Guard's outfits in Alice in Wonderland?

The shoes are oreet as is the giant box, thats all i can say.

Yeah...... Again words have failed me.

On a totally different note:

Sparkly Wonders!

I have fallen deeply for this Ashish Skirt and this Topshop Corset Top. I go weak at the knees as i swoon over these. I even emit poetry at the sight of them, apparently.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Got my favourite

I love Jack Penate even if he is a sweaty hecker. This is my favourite outfit that I have worn to college this week. This photo is appaling, bad lighting you know. I tried the skirt like this, it is usually lower down, the night before and wasn't sure if I dared wear it. My college mates aren't always that forgiving. But I put it on in the morning and before I knew it it was too late to change, I sometimes do this to force myself to dare to wear things. Strange, no? Its not even that odd to me. But actually, I did get a lot of compliments on the skirt, and not just from the regulars. Not that I get a lot of compliments but, well, you know. I like to think I have started an ankle related revolution in my college.
Leggings are often so unforgiving so I go for the 'ski-pant' look, pulled over the ankles. Oh I sound like some crap magazine. My dear friend has started doing this and a couple of others have followed. Ok, two people doesn't equal a revolution but this is yorkshire, we don't adapt well to change. Yes I am wearing a belt round my neck.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Pammy my dear friend I think you have surpassed me!
Anywizzle, just to show what a neat and hip fashion groovster I am, check this out. Whilst on a charity shop binge i came across this stripy dress, originally from m&s. Got home, have a brwose on net-a-porter, I don't so this often, it was just a odd occurence, and what did I spy?
Marc Jacobs obviously found this very same dress and used it as inspiration!! mine is on the right, like you couldn't guess.

I have chopped a bit off the bottom and added more attractive buttons and I need to sort out the sleeves and add some kind of embellishment around the bottom. This may hopefully make it look a bit less like something wee willy winky would wear, not that he's not a stylish chap, its just not what I'm looking for right now.

Oh Halloween was a laugh. Girls can dress as outrageous sluts for one night a year with an excuse! The rest of the year they just get called sluts and get on with it.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Time Team

Just a few things i dug up from the mass of items on ebay that i rather enjoy, some more than others it has to be said.

I have properly wanted a tartan skirt for ages now and am in need of a new high waist skirt, whence i stubbled upon this which fulfils both needs, fabulous! Perhaps a tad old lady-esque but there is always a way cancelling that out, well hopefully.

Now this is a true find and perfect for my bank balance at a mere £2.50 including postage and packaging-yes i am that skint! I've been dreaming of a mini skirt that wasn't denim and gold is an ingenious colour for skirts all over the land, as such it is perfectamous! I haven't bought myself any clothes in time now and this'll be a great starting point. The only thing desuading from purchasing said item is that my friend, only yesterday gave me a mini skirt that wasn't denim.... I'll have to ponder this a while.

And these well they are lovely for only £9, they are very armyish. Their time for anyone to buy them has now fatefully run out and the material of thm looks a bit dodgy but a girl can dream.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Jealous? Yes.

Francoise Hardy. Could she be the luckiest woman in the world? Actress, Singer and apparently an astrologer. Plus she's french which usually means you are born with natural elegance and grace. She's a 60's icon and now lives near Paris still married to her partner of about 50 years. Lucky Devil!

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I was shocked to find that i desired greatly for a Kate Moss for Topshop dress, but it happened without me realising. The colour is lover-ly and the ruffles, well they're ruffles, which are almost always fabulous - the whole garment just entranced me. i think its mainly down to the colour and the fabric together but (sigh) its the usual problem one simply cannot afford!
I am actually finding that i like a few pieces from her collections, craziness i know, most of the clothes have been terrible especially the first collection, however they are gradually getting better. Before i commit myself to this theory we'll have to wait and see what she comes up with next time.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

I like to believe she didn't even intend to look like Father Christmas. The child looks frightened. I have a red mac, maybe one day I will try this, maybe not.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hi. I'm an idiot.

Keeping to the subject of dresses I found this lovely character in Oasis for a lovely 10 english pounds. I didn't try it on, I was worried it was too 'tacky'. Also these people next to me were laughing at it, this doesn't usually perturb me but i just couldn't be bothered at that time. When I got home I realized my foolish mistake. I hunted for it on ebay and its going for much more that a tenner. how distressing, yes. It is of a lovely sparkly fabric and is spongy to the touch, like neoprene I think. Also available in black for your delectation.I hadn't thought about it at the time, but realised all too late how inkeeping it is with this seasons Balenciaga 'structured' shapes. I am studying the figure in art and as I do with all all ar projects, all projects actually if I can find a way, I have linked it to fashion. Balenciaga is one of the key ones I have been looking at, the cocoon coats from a couple of seasons ago and the jodhpurs of last winter. I have loved the last few collections especially last A/W, but then again who didn't.
However, this season is a bit samey. Mr Ghesquière tends to stick to one idea or theme but he hasn't really developed it here except with pattern and fabric and the occasional trousers. Still, its a lot more interesting to look at than most collections lastely and I'm still holding a torch (or candle?) for old Balenciaga.
Oh, on a random note you must check out Drinking In LA by The Twang from that Radio 1 covers CD. The original was excellent, yes, but this is too. If it were a cake I would eat it. But then I would eat most cakes.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Dresses Dresses Dresses

Dresses, perhaps the easiest item of clothing to wear and look fabulous in. I love them and therefore own a number of them myself, but still not enough. You can never have enough dresses. Prada's little Sis Miu Miu's new collection contains many many fabulous examples of more dresses i'd absolutely love to own, but wouldn't we all. Clearly they like the mini style which is a bit trickier to wear as i am not a model, or anywhere close to being a model, but obviously i'd deal with it it they were to kindly give me one. Gosh what a dream, to be send a Miu Miu dress out of the blue.....
Miu Miu definitely produced one of the best collectons this week at Paris, in my opinion, although i rather enjoyed that of Sonia Rykiel - i can't pin point what it is about the clothing that i adore so, but it works for me! All of the others i've viewed were severely disappointing with the exception of the odd piece that is.

Back to dresses! These are just a very select few picks from the urban outfitters website that i quite like, although they are more accessible than the Miu Miu ones they're certainly not more affordable for me as i have no money. I would own all types of dresses if i could, whether it be a little black one, a simple day style one or a fabulous couture-esque one.
At the moment i have cravings for Gothic style velvet dresses, with a bit of lace and/or corset area to pull in the stomach! It would be short, i think. I don't quite know how it'd work but when i see it i'll know! And if anyone spots a fabulous dress whilst surfing the net please feel free to feed my addiction and show me it! Much appreciated!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Excuse me I have a train to catch

I would take this on a train. As in one of those old fashioned trains like on Some Like It Hot and that godawful M&S advert. Its the most annoying thing I've seen in a long while. Oh remember that time you were wandering round on a train in your underwear? NO! because it did not happen! I have somewhat strayed from my point which is that this is nice:
But is this better??

Oh its available in black patent too, all from Topshop you know. £70 for just the big bag err no ta. If you happen to have £70 knocking about at least buy these:

You would also have a fiver left over so then you could have shiny trousers and cake. Or the snack of you choice.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Harry Potter: The Midget

Let it be known: pamela and I are massive Harry Potter nerds. We therefore obviously know that Ginny and Harry get together in book 6 so then this picture is highly amusing to me.Indeed there is nothing amusing about a short man and taller woman but it will be somewhat amusing to watch him struggle and to see if they make her look shorter in the film. You now understand just how much of a nerd I am. She may well be wearing heels for all I know, she also has a nice fringe, but the outfits are all disappointing. Emma Watson has been hailed as some sort of up and comer in the style stakes but erm nowt special here. And Evanna Lynch? I had higher hopes I'll tell you. She also seems to have a tail of feathers. She doesn't always look entirely sane but hey at least she's adventurous! Emma Watson is as safe as houses, not in a good way, there was that Chanel dress where she was drowning in tassels but that was just not quite right you know. It is unfathomably fair that she gets to wear Chanel Couture and its salt in the wound when she gets it wrong.
I need a Spice Girls ticket please. I have a scarf from when I saw them the first time round, when else will I get to use it? When? I registered with many email addresses, including my father's and he was the only one who received the email with special codes etc, when he read the email it was too late. They sold out in 38 seconds. I will now drown my sorrows in a mini roll.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Oh You Will Never Guess What...

Oh my giddy goodness there is a musical of Legally Blonde!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate romantic comedies and normally hate films just like Legally Blonde but no, I love it! I have watched it more times than I care to divulge as it is an indecent amount. It is so cheesy and pointless but so hilarious because of that. The first time I watched it I wanted to be a lawyer. Usually I'm not a fan of musicals apart from old ones like Easter Parade and Showboat or modern ones like Moulin Rouge. Can't stand Cats. But this one looks spectacular, and that ain't a word I chuck about too often you know. Its so tacky and plasticky and those majorette costumes are amazing so it might just about work. I think its one of those 'Its so bad its good' scenarios. I love how little events are made so over the top and dramatic in musicals for example I can't believe they made a song out of "Woods comma Elle". Classic. Gosh I hope it comes to England.

I bet this was already common knowledge and I sound a right fool. Oh well. I'm happy.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Who am I?

Next time I go on a plane i will wear this. A jacket with an inbuilt head rest. Excellent. I found this on Facehunter, am i allowed to use this photo without asking?? Is it rude?? Aik! I'm new to this blogging business and am unaware of the correct etiquette. Profuse apologies if this is rude or in some way illegal.
Do you wish to be called: A German, A Gypsy, A Harajuku Girl, A Tennis player and A Simpson? Then wear this outfit:It is shocking I'm not having an identity crisis! All in a days work. I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoy it. I am now tempted to dress in themes just for the joy of it. I have been planning to wear my knee highs, well they're over the knee but who's counting, for some time now. I rather shocked myself because i didn't know if I dared wear them to college but i received no abuse! Of course i got the stares and look up and down a fair few times but it turns out my college mates are more open minded than i take them for, or just more polite. I apologise for the horrible photo, bad lighting you know.

By the way, the gypsy look is a common theme I will be exploring in the future no doubt.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dear Boots, Ich liebe dich.

I love my newly purchased boots. From the moment i saw them i knew they had to be mine, i had dreamt of them before even laying eyes upon the wonder that is. I hope that one day i will fulfil my wish to wear them with my ideal rock/biker outfit consisting of a leather jacket, perhaps the new kate moss one which i hate to admit but i rather enjoy, and some kind of studded item. Maybe add a bit of fray-age in there, but only if i'm feeling particularly daring. Wearing this i'd go kick down some doors just for the hell of it! Goodness it seems these boots truly bring out my rebellious side, when sadly i'm totally the opposite. On a day-to-day basis i wear them with floral dresses and skirts to add a bit of contrast - well thats my aim whether i achieve it or not...
So Susan it appears i've overcome my anxieties doesn't it? Hope it doesn't sound too dramatic and disappointing.
There we are, my first ever post!
By the by, if didn't know ich liebe dich means i love you in German. You will probably soon grasp the fact that i have a certain love of the german language and may possibly refer to it now and then in my posts.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My fashion dream....

Not to be rude by stealing part of an excellent speech but... I have a dream, one in which I live in couture and dress like a crazy person and no-one cares. If I could dress like this I would be a happy clapper no end.

I think in past lives I must have been a Russian peasant, an 18th century royal and a tramp. How diverse of me.

I once tried on as many of Pamela's clothes as i could, just to be annoying, and I thought I looked fabulous. Others may not have agreed. Wouldn't it be amazing just to wear these outfits on a daily basis?!

By the way I will eventually persuade Pamela to post, she is currently a tad afraid but she is lovely and very stylish and amusing, so... yes. Excellent.

Oh apparently you can order a pizza off the Domino's website!!! They deliver it in like 30mins. How amazing! I must have lived a sheltered life not to have known this. Vraiment Splendid!

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Purchases and abuse

Hi there. Yesterday we and friend went to town on a shopping expedition. I wasn't suposed to buy anything as I am officially broke and unemployed but temptation took me and i had to purchase this lovely dress. It was only £5 from new look and my chums said I looked like Alice in Wonderland, which is always nice.

Sorry about the giant fingers.

Just so you know what kind of society we live in here in yorkshire here is a list of just some of the abuse we have received for some of our outfits. I don't believe we were even that outlandish to be frank:

What the f*** are you wearing?! - twice

Urgh! Leggings! Urgh!

Why people feel the need to say, or shout, these things to us i will never know. However when i look at what these people themselves are wearing i'm pretty glad i don't have their approval.
I am now off to write an essay on Harry Potter, it can hardly be called homework, tis a joy.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Oh Crikey!

We have started a blog. oh my gosh! This has taken much time and tribulation but we hope it shall be well worth it. After months of obsessing over excellent blogs we have decided the time is ripe for a blog of our own creation.
We are Cicely and Tori and we wish you great joy on reading this, we do hope we keep you entertained with our insightful views on fashion and other haphazard artefacts.
Lovely to meet you,
Good night.
We are not that odd but do enjoy standard english.