Friday, 28 November 2008

Now listen up

Not only is Style Bubble a constant source of fashion inspiration, now she's bringing excellent music to our ears. Have you all listened to the playlists? Very very good I think.

This is where I discovered Those Dancing Days.
Seriously the name just makes you like them straight away.
Very stylish Swedish girls who make splendid music it's the perfect combination.

I shall now go add their album to my Amazon wishlist and suggest you do the same.
The video for Hitten is here. Do enjoy!

Oh and sorry for my disappearance from blogging and commenting for an age it seems, I even forgot my password I was gone so long. My art teacher seems to think art A level is a Stalinist regime. I shall sort myself out soon, I've got so much new stuff including a fur coat so I'll hop on some outfitty type posts. Super.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

It Couldn't Be......

I can't believe what i am reading, it's like a dream come true! Matthew Williamson collaborating with H&M. How very exciting!! Roll on April 23rd - the date of the womenswear release to 'selected stores'. (They best be including Leeds H&M in these selected stores or they're in for a world of abuse). Then in mid-may he'll be releasing his first ever menswear pieces exclusively for them, the lucky devils.
Oh Yey, Oh Yey, Oh Yey!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

One girls search for comfort

Over here in the good old UK, we don't get to see the new Gap ads on TV, but after seeing them via the internet, I have been wanting to find a big, comfy jumper. So i guess their advertising has workered! Good for them! So the search has begun. I do hope it is successful. I will be looking on ebay mostly as the cold doesn't motivate me to leave the comforts of home much. :D
The other day in college was "uniform day". Basically for Children in Need (A charity day over here, were all the money raised go to children in need, the name kind of gives it away.) So to raise money our college said that we could come in dressed in uniform (no fishnets or suspenders though). We couldn't dress as what we wanted as that would be having too much fun.

Not everyone dressed up as they are dull. And some who did, did the typical school girl thing. Of course we did not. We Gossip Girled it. Here is my outfit. Sorry for the quality!

On another note my dress from ebay should be arrviving soon! its just a little black dress, every girl should own one i i have 3!

WM x