Friday, 6 March 2009

Well Well Mr Decarnin,

Rather excellent collection you provided us with Christophe, congratulations!

It's Wendy-May's super sweet 18th on Sunday. Wahey!!! Party Time again! So myself and Susan have been busy little house elves all week long. (Watch out Dobby, you've got some competition.) Unfortunately I'm unable to disclose exactly what we've been up to until the day of as the birthday girl is unawares. It's all a surprise but I promise to post after sunday as I'm rather excited about one thing in particular.
Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Did anyone see Red Riding, Thursday Night on Channel 4? They filmed it in and around our town, which is quite the exciting prospect. It's funny to hear how Yorkshire we are around here. I've decided I love my accent! I bet we'd sound really funny if we ever met any fellow bloggers...

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi gals and Wendy-May, hope you had a fabulous 18th birthday and hope all of you are well!! I'm loving the blue sequined skirt, fabulous collection here!