Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Addiction starts with shoes

After years of cursing Ebay I am now slightly addicted. Maybe not as much as pamela, but addicted all the same. However it is the place of finding bargains! I won the boots I posted about earlier and they actually fit perfectly. Well not at the moment as I fell over at my friends 18th and spent the next day in A&E, which resulted in a fat left foot, bandages and crutches, its not broken, apparantly I have done "soft tissue damage" (?) and I must go to physio yet again!. I blame aerosmith and alcholol. O the shame.

Anyway, back to Ebay. Yesturday the blazer I won for £1.04 ( o yes!) arrived. So here it is:

Pretty good price to say its new with tags!
However, Ebay isnt the greatest as you fall in love with an item then someone steals it in the ast few seconds. Thankfully this has not happened to me yet.

On Saturday I am off up to Liverpool to look at the university and while I am there I am going to get those tartan trousers from topshop which I posted about earlier. But I do not know whether to get them in the size 8 or 10, as both fit, but I am worried if I get the 10's they will stretch, as all my jeans seem to. The 8's fit and I know they will stay as skinny jeans, I just dont want to look like I have been vacuum packed in! But if this is the biggest worry in my life I am happy. Hopefully I will be able to walk by saturday!



Sister Libby said...

I loooove striped blazers. I've been looking everywhere for a blazer here. And to your lucozade, I say lucoWHAAAT? I know what it is from movies and stuff (like, a sports drink right?) but we definately don't have it.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the blazer was a fantastic deal! Hope you are recouperating!! Hope you have a fab time in Liverpool too!

LML said...

what a steal!??!

Shen-Shen said...

Ugh, how come I can't find blazers for that cheap!??!!? I'm insanely jealous!

Winnie said...

What a great price! xx