Saturday, 6 September 2008

I guess I didnt get the memo

So yesturday during the free period I had by myself I decided that I should do some work. Naturally I got distracted by blogs and Topshop. Whilst on Topshop I feel in love, twice. Firstly with these trousers, I really want them but I am uncertain wether it is wise to spend the money on them when I cannot wear them for years....I feel i may end up getting them.

My second love was these boots, but it was short lived, as shortly after I clapped eyes on them I found out our dear friend Sister A had bought them that same day. She had emailed us all declaring her love but I didnt get it. However this is a very good thing as it saved me £80 and I can borrow them, even if they are a tad big. So when I came home I got to searching for some new boots, but my expensive taste in shoes isnt the best thing, I don't even know why I went on Kurt Geiger, it's like torture. However Ebay is the best thing, once it finally let me create an account. As I found these... for £20! I do hope they arrive soon!

Now I need to find some new boots without heels, as the ones I got in a vintage shop sale last year have a hole in which today I covered up with masking tape for a quick fix, as holes are not good in this stupid British weather and the heel is gone, making it hard not to fall. Yesturday I nearly fell on my butt 4 times in the college social area, once I had to grab the door frame to try and keep some dignity. Also, when you are about to fall, why do you have to make a ridiculous noise, that draws more attention to yourself?!

I should really go and do some work now, seen as by the first lesson of the first day of college I was behind. A good start I think. Also my mind is finding it hard to decide on outfits but hopefully all will be well once I get used to not being as lazy as I have been over the summer.



Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, i saw those jeans aswell! They are absolutely gorgeous, i couldn't find them when i was in the topshop store though :( Oh well.
Great blog

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there, these ebay ones are a great find well done!

donna AND navaz said...

I like the trousers... a bit Alison Mosshart. Why can't you wear them for years? Tartan will come round again for sure!

bronwyn said...

Great boots, I'd definitely wear them too!

parmaviolet said...

i think theres a cheaper version in primark of trtan skinnies if you want a cheaper investment.

but id say there e loads of ways you could wear them, tees, dresses, punk them up or with the right stuff geekchic likei sear i saw some girl on face hunter. It would depend how you wear them. so they could be worn a fair amount of time.

oh and those boots are amazing!

Penny Lane said...

i love those topshop trousers, but unfortunately, i onl think they work on very skinny very leggy girls. i am neither!! haha

yiqin; said...

I am pretty scared of pants so I'll be looking out for tartan leggings!! Woo