Friday, 20 February 2009

You got a lovely way with words, must be the way you see the world.

Now in these times of economic crisis, which we cannot help but hear about, it is handy to be a little crafty. Which I love to do anyway, but now everyone seems to be doing it more. Too this I say great, it's about time more people looked at a top and saw there were other ways to wear it! Pour example, this top borrowed from Pamela, can be worn in 3 ways, most likely more, as this only took me about 5mins at the most!


Top: Pamela.
Belts: both vintage
Tights: Marks and Spencers
This week I have been incredibly lazy, as it has been the holidays and I have been pretending to be busy and doing lots of work so I can go to uni! This has resulted in becoming a tad uninspired when it comes to clothing, I am ashamed to admit. Therefore I decided, before I face the public once more, I would do what I like to do and try outfits, using Pamel's, Susan nd our friends Miss A's clothes.
Pink dress: Susans, from the clothes show.
Waist coat: Mine, orginally Miss A's, from Topshop.
Floral Skirt: Miss A's- a gift from Susan, from a Vintage shop.
Gold top- Susans...from where I know not.
Tights: Marks and Spencers

Last Wednesday Pamela and I went to Liverpool University, as it is my number one! Susan could not make it as she was Universiting in London. Some guy asked us to take part in a psychology experiment to do with odour...I don't know how we should of taken this but he offered us £10, we had to decline, telling him we weren't actually students there (yet!). Even though it is 7months away I am stupidly excited, mainly because Liverpool is a great city, and "student friendly", translation: cheap nights out! O and the course is the best, which is a selling point. Anyway, enough who-ha. This is what I wore:

Denim Jacket: Susans. Charity Shop, Orginally Gap me thinks.
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Pamela's
Necklaces: Spring Festival, Charity shop and stolen from my sisters room, but she doesn't need to know that!




Winnie said...

I love the top backwards. It's great when you find some things are great worn in different ways.

Liverpool and London are great cities. Totally different though, London being waay more expensive in general and faster. My sister goes to Livepool Uni and she loves it. The vintage shopping is great there too!

e.jay said...

So clever...I love to do this. The floral skirt's my fave, I think. Can't wait to peruse the vintage shops there! I'm counting down to my trip with excitement!

Elizabeth said...

i love all of those outfits!

jules said...

I love the floral skirt, it is beautiful! your blog is so lovely!

megs said...

Ahah I too have a top I've been wearing backwards and layering different ways. It really works when you can't afford anything new!

The beautiful and glammed said...

love the floral prints! new follower of your blog xxx