Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Get On Your Dancing Shoes, You Sexy Little Swine

If topshop wanted to give me some clothes I think I would happily accept any of these. As this is not going to happen I will just look.

He isn’t on my topshop wishlist of course but I do love Ed Westwick. Pamela and I watched Son of Rambow again the other day and I must say, he is even better with his English accent.

I apologise for the quality of photos, I tried to post this post via word blog posting but for some reason when i published it the photos did not appear and I do not understand what source Url's and upload url's are as I am slightly stupid when it comes to all this technicle turkey! I am quite the stubborn one also so I refused to give up for ages, until I realised it would be possible for me to spend all day on it and therefore get nothing else done!




Sharon Rose said...

Great picks, I'll have the LBD please!

yiqin; said...

Chuck looks so hot there ;) I love this hair of his compared to his newer ones!

Is This Real Life? said...

i totally adore that blue blazer very miami vice, love it!

fritha louise said...

Ed Westwick is definitely on my wishlist ;)

Beki said...

I love the one shoulder pieces!


Viagra Online said...

God! those clothes are beautiful! I love the flowered blouse, striped blouse and black dress!