Thursday, 25 June 2009

Seek your weight in gold

Shameless plugging here but I need to make money for summer!

I'm selling some stuff on ebay including two coloured blazers just like Topshop ones. Very much want to keep them but what can you do?! Money needs to be made and I'm sure they will be much loved by someone else.

One of them is the pink blazer in the post

Another is a gorgeous blue blazer which contrasts splendidly with Pamela's

And finally a pink blouse/jacket thing which I have Balmain-ified in my own special
Have a nice weekend. I'm off to visit my brother and Shakespeare.


Sharon Rose said...

Good luck with the selling and have a fab weekend!

Penny said...

i love the idea of wearing blazers, but i've got quite broad shoulders as it is and so i end up looking like a rugby player! not a good look!
love the red hair!

Winnie said...

All these blazers are awesome. Love the detail you added on that pink blazer!

Cancha-diction said...

i love the gold buttons/pins on the bright pink jacket!

LML said...

all these pieces are great!

tailorstitch said...

the blazer is great...makes me want to get started on a DIY