Thursday, 11 June 2009

Who likes shortshorts?!

Today I decided on a mini DIY project. My lovely mother was throwing away two pairs of trousers she no longer wears, so I decided to rescue them and make them into shorts. I have only done the first pair so far. I plan to dye one pair purple, but I am not sure which. I have had purple dye for about a year...just sitting waiting to be used. Well soon it will be!



I wonder if purple will suit them.....
They are good quality so I don't want to ruin them.

Now I must dash, my parents are taking me out for a meal to celebrate the end of my exams!Yay! Well they are not actually over, my last two are on monday, but the thought behind it is still the same.



Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-the diy job is fantastic, they look great white, but if you use a good quality dye they should look great too!

Is This Real Life? said...

Great DIY, I think they look cool white too, but i would totally go for the purple, Or a tiedye effect with the purple on the white would look really awesome!

Winnie said...

You did a great job, they would be lovely in purple but I am loving the white too, great for the summer!

jae said...

i love cutting up old jeans into shorts. my mum goes nuts when she sees me taking the scissors to them though. hm. can`t wait to see these ones in purple!

Kat said...

love your header!

your blog is really pretty, just looking down through your posts and you have great style

fritha louise said...

they look great! i think they'll look amazing in purple.