Monday, 5 January 2009

'You drop a pen in the snow, you don't go looking for it'

I know Christmas is over now, a fair bit ago, but I haven't really had time to post due to the holidays/family gatherings/revision(which I haven't really done much of actually!), and it is snowing here!!I love Christmas...well more the build up to it, but I have vowed when I am older I will make it a big thing, with lots of family.

So what did I get I hear you say (probably not but still...also I realise this is just me showing off lovely things sorry!)

Well Susan was my unsecret santa and she gave me some fabby things! (Thank you again deary)
The picture of this makes it look as if it is shiny. It is not.

Another friend Mr B put money towards these, which I love, and on New Years I managed to wear them and dance in them for 8 hours.

I also love the stocking presents santa (my mother and dad) got me, which included YSL perfume and slippers, along with all the little things I don't think about but actually need, genius.
Topshop sale is also upon us, which is lovely as having a job means that I can actually afford some of the shoes, so I got some. These in fact. They haven't arrived yet though :(

OOO and I passed my driving test (sorry again for showing off but I am so happy about it, as I no longer have to get the bus from college and I can lay in for longer, yes I am lazy.)

Well now I must try and motivate myself to revise....apparently meditation is the key to this. However I do not have the concentration for this and would soon be interrupted by my thoughts if I were to try it.

P.S. Some changes will be made to this little blog at the end of January when all of our exams are out of the way.


Winnie said...

I love those topshop shoes, a friend bought them in the black and gold? Gorgeous.

Penny said...

oooh nice things!! congrats on passing your test!
you're lucky! it hardly snowed here at all, it didn't even settle :(

FashionSqueah! said...

You got really lucky with your secret santa presents, they are lovely - can't wait to see some outfits with them! Love the Topshop shoes, I saw a girl trying them on in the shop and immediatly decided they were amazing! Char x

PrettyInBlack said...

I love the first top! I'm selfishly imagining how I'd layer with it. It's lovely.

ONiC said...

i like the flower dress. and congrats with your driving license. i got mine already, but something stop me from driving. too scareddd. gaahh

Pamela said...

Oooo aren't they blooming gorgeous. Damn you tiny feet!

Zita said...

Love the shoes.

Vain and Vapid said...

Wow, looks like you did really well, the dress in the first pic is divine!

Happy New Year and have a great 2009!