Wednesday, 7 January 2009

'You will be deprived of exposure'

I'm now going to post some pictures of Christmas outfits, we're not obsessed with Christmas, we enjoy a healthy dose of festive cheer, that is all. It makes me happy though and I hoped to continue in this super happy way.

I am, however, a hypocrite. The first day of college in 2009, I wasn't happy. I had to get up at 7 where usually I would get up at 12. There is no one who is less of a morning person than me. College is hard work and blah so let us cast our minds back to the christmas season...

I had planned, like the happy little elf I am (was) to dress like a Christmas miracle for the last week. It was only four days and the only picture I got of Thursday's outfit was from an unfortunate squatting position. So no to that one. I shouldn't have told people as I frequently got, 'it's not that festive' Oh really? At least I'm making a frickin effort here. No appreciation I tell you. Hope you like.

Day 1.

Day 2.


And here is what I wore on the big day itself. As the photo suggests, I spent the day dancing nonstop. the dress was a present from dear sister A, it's got a crazy diagonal zip and is puff-ball-y.

And to ring in the New year what better than sequins, a tutu and a crate of Magners. That's pamela the drunk there, in a damn sexy Alice McCall for Topshop dress which I am sure she will share with you when the time is right. In typical me fashion I was in the Kitchen getting more glasses for the Champagne when it struck midnight. But twas fun nonetheless. So happy new Year!!!
Oh yes I now have boy hair. Though I do still have a face. the camera does lie after all.


Kitty said...

Ugh. I know how you feel having to get up at the time you would previously go to bed at :P

Love all the clothes especially the white tutu/petticoat :D

Pamela said...

You certainly like your poofy outty skirts don't ya!

jessica said...

love the christmas day dress :]


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-happy new year gals!! Susan, you look fab in all the photos, but my fave is the last one-tutu cute!!

LoveMore said...

aw all your christmas dresses are so cute! thanks for your comment! yes my style is so random, goes from one extreme to the next...what ever i feel like on the day..well that is it! love your style too - very personalised :) way to be! xxx LM

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I really like the bronze tights, so fun.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Post more soon x

attempting to discover style said...


Morgan. said...

hey susan (:
I love this post, the outfits are all really interesting, its awesome.

with regards to the skirt made out of a t-shirt, i just cut off the neck hole & sleeves, but I have before just put the neckhole of a shirt around my waist and folded the hands in as pockets.. (:

the_kitten said...

u all look like your having so much fun with the dressing up! I totally love the feeling behind it!