Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Harry Potter: The Midget

Let it be known: pamela and I are massive Harry Potter nerds. We therefore obviously know that Ginny and Harry get together in book 6 so then this picture is highly amusing to me.Indeed there is nothing amusing about a short man and taller woman but it will be somewhat amusing to watch him struggle and to see if they make her look shorter in the film. You now understand just how much of a nerd I am. She may well be wearing heels for all I know, she also has a nice fringe, but the outfits are all disappointing. Emma Watson has been hailed as some sort of up and comer in the style stakes but erm nowt special here. And Evanna Lynch? I had higher hopes I'll tell you. She also seems to have a tail of feathers. She doesn't always look entirely sane but hey at least she's adventurous! Emma Watson is as safe as houses, not in a good way, there was that Chanel dress where she was drowning in tassels but that was just not quite right you know. It is unfathomably fair that she gets to wear Chanel Couture and its salt in the wound when she gets it wrong.
I need a Spice Girls ticket please. I have a scarf from when I saw them the first time round, when else will I get to use it? When? I registered with many email addresses, including my father's and he was the only one who received the email with special codes etc, when he read the email it was too late. They sold out in 38 seconds. I will now drown my sorrows in a mini roll.

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