Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hi. I'm an idiot.

Keeping to the subject of dresses I found this lovely character in Oasis for a lovely 10 english pounds. I didn't try it on, I was worried it was too 'tacky'. Also these people next to me were laughing at it, this doesn't usually perturb me but i just couldn't be bothered at that time. When I got home I realized my foolish mistake. I hunted for it on ebay and its going for much more that a tenner. how distressing, yes. It is of a lovely sparkly fabric and is spongy to the touch, like neoprene I think. Also available in black for your delectation.I hadn't thought about it at the time, but realised all too late how inkeeping it is with this seasons Balenciaga 'structured' shapes. I am studying the figure in art and as I do with all all ar projects, all projects actually if I can find a way, I have linked it to fashion. Balenciaga is one of the key ones I have been looking at, the cocoon coats from a couple of seasons ago and the jodhpurs of last winter. I have loved the last few collections especially last A/W, but then again who didn't.
However, this season is a bit samey. Mr Ghesquière tends to stick to one idea or theme but he hasn't really developed it here except with pattern and fabric and the occasional trousers. Still, its a lot more interesting to look at than most collections lastely and I'm still holding a torch (or candle?) for old Balenciaga.
Oh, on a random note you must check out Drinking In LA by The Twang from that Radio 1 covers CD. The original was excellent, yes, but this is too. If it were a cake I would eat it. But then I would eat most cakes.

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