Monday, 8 October 2007

Dresses Dresses Dresses

Dresses, perhaps the easiest item of clothing to wear and look fabulous in. I love them and therefore own a number of them myself, but still not enough. You can never have enough dresses. Prada's little Sis Miu Miu's new collection contains many many fabulous examples of more dresses i'd absolutely love to own, but wouldn't we all. Clearly they like the mini style which is a bit trickier to wear as i am not a model, or anywhere close to being a model, but obviously i'd deal with it it they were to kindly give me one. Gosh what a dream, to be send a Miu Miu dress out of the blue.....
Miu Miu definitely produced one of the best collectons this week at Paris, in my opinion, although i rather enjoyed that of Sonia Rykiel - i can't pin point what it is about the clothing that i adore so, but it works for me! All of the others i've viewed were severely disappointing with the exception of the odd piece that is.

Back to dresses! These are just a very select few picks from the urban outfitters website that i quite like, although they are more accessible than the Miu Miu ones they're certainly not more affordable for me as i have no money. I would own all types of dresses if i could, whether it be a little black one, a simple day style one or a fabulous couture-esque one.
At the moment i have cravings for Gothic style velvet dresses, with a bit of lace and/or corset area to pull in the stomach! It would be short, i think. I don't quite know how it'd work but when i see it i'll know! And if anyone spots a fabulous dress whilst surfing the net please feel free to feed my addiction and show me it! Much appreciated!

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