Sunday, 25 November 2007


Once upon a time not too long ago i was flicking through some music channels whence i stumbled upon this, at this point i would usually describe said video, but i'm absolutely lost for words. My ability to form an opinion has totally abandoned me. I understand and appreciate that they are trying to be 'arty' but i don't even know if that has worked. Ich bin confused i certainly don't like it, in fact it kind of creeps me out as at one point she humps a giant teddy, but i wouldn't be as definite as to say i hate it. Oh this is Robyn's video for Handle Me by the way.
This dress really reminds me of Lily Allens noddy dress and hate to admit it as i do not like Lily Allen but hers is a lot nicer.

Is this an actual hotdog suit in the style of The Queen of Heart's Guard's outfits in Alice in Wonderland?

The shoes are oreet as is the giant box, thats all i can say.

Yeah...... Again words have failed me.

On a totally different note:

Sparkly Wonders!

I have fallen deeply for this Ashish Skirt and this Topshop Corset Top. I go weak at the knees as i swoon over these. I even emit poetry at the sight of them, apparently.

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