Saturday, 3 November 2007

Time Team

Just a few things i dug up from the mass of items on ebay that i rather enjoy, some more than others it has to be said.

I have properly wanted a tartan skirt for ages now and am in need of a new high waist skirt, whence i stubbled upon this which fulfils both needs, fabulous! Perhaps a tad old lady-esque but there is always a way cancelling that out, well hopefully.

Now this is a true find and perfect for my bank balance at a mere £2.50 including postage and packaging-yes i am that skint! I've been dreaming of a mini skirt that wasn't denim and gold is an ingenious colour for skirts all over the land, as such it is perfectamous! I haven't bought myself any clothes in time now and this'll be a great starting point. The only thing desuading from purchasing said item is that my friend, only yesterday gave me a mini skirt that wasn't denim.... I'll have to ponder this a while.

And these well they are lovely for only £9, they are very armyish. Their time for anyone to buy them has now fatefully run out and the material of thm looks a bit dodgy but a girl can dream.

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