Monday, 26 November 2007

mmm what to wear what to wear what to wear????

The season of the Clothes show is upon us and what to wear is our dilemma. This wouldn't trouble most people but we are extremely fashion conscious folk and are having mini stresses. So please help, please do. These are the options:

1. Pamela in the sexy country

2 Susan in pattern prolific

3. Susan in waisted

4. Susan in secretary chic:

5. Pamela in monochrome superhero

6. Pamela in stripy ho

7. Susan in fools gold

Please help and suggest some possibilities. Highly Appreciated! Cheearz!


gem fatale said...

Stripey ho and fools gold are my faves! Very cool outfits xx

emsie said...

i would say the fools gold, definitely my favourite.
really like the whole blazer thing :)