Sunday, 4 November 2007

Pammy my dear friend I think you have surpassed me!
Anywizzle, just to show what a neat and hip fashion groovster I am, check this out. Whilst on a charity shop binge i came across this stripy dress, originally from m&s. Got home, have a brwose on net-a-porter, I don't so this often, it was just a odd occurence, and what did I spy?
Marc Jacobs obviously found this very same dress and used it as inspiration!! mine is on the right, like you couldn't guess.

I have chopped a bit off the bottom and added more attractive buttons and I need to sort out the sleeves and add some kind of embellishment around the bottom. This may hopefully make it look a bit less like something wee willy winky would wear, not that he's not a stylish chap, its just not what I'm looking for right now.

Oh Halloween was a laugh. Girls can dress as outrageous sluts for one night a year with an excuse! The rest of the year they just get called sluts and get on with it.

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