Monday, 28 July 2008

UCCA, Epsom Graduates 2008 Shows

I came across some photos of the fashion graduates at Epsom Creative Arts University a while back, the shows were over a month ago now but i've only just gotten around to post about them. So here we go.....
I picked out a few of my favourites though all of the collections are amazing.

Edina Ozary

Kayleigh Hills

Kayleigh Hills

Laurel Robinson

Laurel Robinson

Christina Zahra

Emma Avery

Lauren Badiali

Monica Law

I couldn't pick a favourite although I do love the colours in Kayleigh Hills collection and the leather in Lauren Badiali's but I also love the unusualness of Monica Law's. Oh I cannot choose but one! I got the pictures from this website that my college has signed all the Textiles students up for,, i think your school/college/uni has to email a request to join it, you can't just join from home i don't think. Anyway it's pretty good, a bit behind on the news front but they have some really amazing photographs to look at. i will try to post some photos i find on it soon, they may be pretty random but nice to look at all the same.

Now to R.O.F.Y. news. We shall be changing it a bit, just tweaking the appearence. I'm only posting about this so that it'll make it official. We've been going to make the changes for quite a long time now but have been too lazy to get round to it. By telling you about it, we now have to do it and soon! So hopefully within the next week or so there shall be change!

Also I'm currently working on shortening this new strapless dress i bought from a charity shop. I will hopefully post some pictures of it once i get it done. I'm so unmotivated it's untrue! I am blaming the hot weather for making me so lazy!! Hope everyone is enjoying it as much as we are.


Sharon Rose said...

I love laurens look too-very stylish and funky!!

CoutureCarrie said...

Fresh, awesome stuff! That purple coat and the asymmetrical leather jacket are incredible!!

yiqin; said...

I love how they mix the colors together so well!

Sugar Pop said...

Wow, those are done really well! The last one looks like a dress in one of Etro's collections!

e.jay said...

Wow, those new designers should be very big in the coming years!

I shortened and tightened a thrift store find using one really gets it but my 2 best friends and my mom, but I LOVE it!