Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Jeans of dreams

To say I'm not really a jeans wearing person I have a lot of pairs. 12 pairs in fact, the latest addition to the countbeing these bad boys. Seriously, I have to call them 'bad boys', they're frickin awesome and they fit like a dream.
And how much did they set me back? £5. Actually most of my jeans were around the £5 mark. Our local vintage shop is having a massive half price sale, which is quite distressing in some ways as they might not be doing so well, but very good for us! They're by Arrow Jeans, no idea, and are unisex. nice. My clothes often get nicknames for example my 'peter pan top' and my 'pagan dress', these shall be known as my Swedish jeans.
Sister Libby gave us a blog award thing and worte some lovely things about us, which is just about the most splendid thing ever. And she called us 'cheeky' which is my favourite word at the moment. She has excellent taste in everything and her posts make me laugh out loud (I'm trying to cut down on LOL) if you haven't checked out her blog go now! Ice Cube Confidential

I've got my first driving lesson tonight, hey it's only been 10 months since my birthday, it's progress, so if you don't hear from me for a while I've crashed and/or knocked a pedestrian down.

Actually I'm going to my Nan's for a while so that's where I'll be. There's loads of charity shops in her village so I'll go on a charity shop binge.
Have a nice evening. And eat some Lindt Chili chocolate, sounds disgusting but its damn tasty, and fiery.


yiqin; said...

You totally deserved the award! :) Ahhh I love getting clothes cheaper too :D

Sharon Rose said...

Love the jeans, they are hot!! I also got a pair of jeans today at the charity shop for £5 too-they're called Levi's low slouch and they are boyfriend style! i'm a jean fanatic too, haha!!

FashionSqueah! said...

Good luck with the driving lesson, I'm sure you'll do fine! Those are awesome jeans, and very Swedish looking...totally jelous of your vintage find! I've never really considered vintage jeans as I'd expect them not to fit (I'm like really tall!).