Saturday, 5 July 2008

Space legs.

One day I will get over my love for balenciaga. But it will not be today.
Rarely is anything ever entirely new in fashion, I think that's safe to say. Styles and fashions go round in circles and things are updated and modernized but they're always based on something that has gone in the past.
However a comment someone made about Balenciaga, if anyone knows who it is do tell because my memory is like a sieve you know, and how Nicholas Ghesquire had invented a new shape or style. I thought, my god he/she's right! Designers have created futuristic pieces for ages and it does carry on in the same vein as this, but it is different. I could be wrong, I've only just got into high fashion in the last few years, but I don't think anything quite like it has been created before.

I've concentrated on the tailored trousers as I have an ulterior motive, I think other designers are feeling the trouser related vibe. I think it's silk over some kind of foam material. Obviously not actual foam, but again, if anyone knows please tell me. I need to write these things down...

And look, he's started something....
And I'm sure others have done it but guess what? I can't remember. Sorry for how udelessly vague I have been but I think I'm still a bit drunk and I have to go and waitress for a barn dance in a couple of hours.
On a final note, Stephanie from Fashion Robot, who is extremely stylish and does the craziest but most awesome poses I have ever seen, asked where Pamela got her blue wedges from. I will share this with you all because these shoes have become rather well known to our friends and acquaintances. They were Fifty pence from George (of ASDA fame) Pam has a pair, Wendy-May has a pair, I have two pairs and two other friends have a pair each. Pamela was buying some as presents so we loaded them all on her and sent her to the till, heck 50p, gotta take advantage of that! she looked really cool.

Also, on an actual final note, I got the h&m kids tutu as i am such a sheep. But I have wanted one for years and its perfect, so I have justification. But how the frick to wear it without looking emo, a 6 year old or an actual ballet dancer??


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I thought I was good at bargains, but 50p for new shoes-that I will have to go some to beat-haha!!

Winnie said...

wow 50p shoes are unheard of!
The tutu's have been catching my eye too but it is yet to break me lol. I bet you'll look awesome though!

Sister Libby said...

Those are some amazing shoes. And I'm guessing 50p is not very much...I may have to google how much a pence is. And you waitress for barn dances? What?

1234 said...

balenciaga love is forever! i love the blue wedges.