Friday, 25 July 2008

Happy Birthday Miss A!

This week was a very dear friends birthday! So naturally we celebrated in style. And naturally I have some outfits to show of Pammy, Susan and I.

Pammy wore:

Susan wore:
I wore:

The skirt is vintage and I love it! Wasn't going to get it but at £10 I am glad I did! The top is our dear birthday friend's and pretty much loved by us 3 and her as it only cost 10p!!

A while ago I posted about my topshop cravings. Well now the number of cravings has decreased as I got one of the pairs of jeans and they are lovely. Hopefully this time they will stay skinny, they seem to be holding up well.


selinaoolala said...

i wish i had friends who dresses as cool as this! i love that lace dress/top

Sharon Rose said...

Wow-lovely outfits ladies!!

simply.steph said...

will you excuse me while i barf over on my end. you guys are the coolest mother effers ever. I love the dresses, boots, stockings, ERRthing. good lord im jealous.

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I was just about to say, like Selina - my friends aren't that cool at all!
I love the skirt you got, plus the shoes your friend's wearing in the first photo, the gray booties
PS LOVE the skinnies, and in skinnies in the post below this

yellow said...

I LOVE that pretty white dress!!!

.. and your skirt is awesome. The most awesome checkerboard skirt I have ever seen, EVARRR! :P

Sugar Pop said...

All your outfits were gorgeous! I loved the white dress, the black dress and the block skirt. :) So cute.

missie.eng said...

Oh my goodness. You have amazing hosiery.

Podszewka said...

I like your shoes, have a nice evening!! Podszewka