Thursday, 3 September 2009

Plenty of Girls and Boys in Love

So we are back from the festival of Leeds, and it must be said, I love it and miss the whole "leeds bubble". We saw many bands, including Florence and the Machine, Metric, Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys...O I could go on forever!
This is only a quick post as my laptop is broken, for some reason the internet works on everyones in my home but mine, so I am currently on my sisters boyfriends, therefore speed is needed.
I am going to leave you now with some lovely photos of it:
The Rumble Strips-


OOoo isn't it beautiful??

O! And I got into Liverpool University, which means from the 19th of September I shall be living there! Super exciting!!

Must dash now




Winnie said...

Well done! My sister is currently at Liverpool (studying Law) what are you studying again?

emily said...

sounds like you had loads of fun!