Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Dear Boots, Ich liebe dich.

I love my newly purchased boots. From the moment i saw them i knew they had to be mine, i had dreamt of them before even laying eyes upon the wonder that is. I hope that one day i will fulfil my wish to wear them with my ideal rock/biker outfit consisting of a leather jacket, perhaps the new kate moss one which i hate to admit but i rather enjoy, and some kind of studded item. Maybe add a bit of fray-age in there, but only if i'm feeling particularly daring. Wearing this i'd go kick down some doors just for the hell of it! Goodness it seems these boots truly bring out my rebellious side, when sadly i'm totally the opposite. On a day-to-day basis i wear them with floral dresses and skirts to add a bit of contrast - well thats my aim whether i achieve it or not...
So Susan it appears i've overcome my anxieties doesn't it? Hope it doesn't sound too dramatic and disappointing.
There we are, my first ever post!
By the by, if didn't know ich liebe dich means i love you in German. You will probably soon grasp the fact that i have a certain love of the german language and may possibly refer to it now and then in my posts.

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