Saturday, 15 September 2007

Purchases and abuse

Hi there. Yesterday we and friend went to town on a shopping expedition. I wasn't suposed to buy anything as I am officially broke and unemployed but temptation took me and i had to purchase this lovely dress. It was only £5 from new look and my chums said I looked like Alice in Wonderland, which is always nice.

Sorry about the giant fingers.

Just so you know what kind of society we live in here in yorkshire here is a list of just some of the abuse we have received for some of our outfits. I don't believe we were even that outlandish to be frank:

What the f*** are you wearing?! - twice

Urgh! Leggings! Urgh!

Why people feel the need to say, or shout, these things to us i will never know. However when i look at what these people themselves are wearing i'm pretty glad i don't have their approval.
I am now off to write an essay on Harry Potter, it can hardly be called homework, tis a joy.

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WendyB said...

Giant fingers are the hot new accessory! :-)