Friday, 21 September 2007

Oh You Will Never Guess What...

Oh my giddy goodness there is a musical of Legally Blonde!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate romantic comedies and normally hate films just like Legally Blonde but no, I love it! I have watched it more times than I care to divulge as it is an indecent amount. It is so cheesy and pointless but so hilarious because of that. The first time I watched it I wanted to be a lawyer. Usually I'm not a fan of musicals apart from old ones like Easter Parade and Showboat or modern ones like Moulin Rouge. Can't stand Cats. But this one looks spectacular, and that ain't a word I chuck about too often you know. Its so tacky and plasticky and those majorette costumes are amazing so it might just about work. I think its one of those 'Its so bad its good' scenarios. I love how little events are made so over the top and dramatic in musicals for example I can't believe they made a song out of "Woods comma Elle". Classic. Gosh I hope it comes to England.

I bet this was already common knowledge and I sound a right fool. Oh well. I'm happy.

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