Thursday, 20 September 2007

Who am I?

Next time I go on a plane i will wear this. A jacket with an inbuilt head rest. Excellent. I found this on Facehunter, am i allowed to use this photo without asking?? Is it rude?? Aik! I'm new to this blogging business and am unaware of the correct etiquette. Profuse apologies if this is rude or in some way illegal.
Do you wish to be called: A German, A Gypsy, A Harajuku Girl, A Tennis player and A Simpson? Then wear this outfit:It is shocking I'm not having an identity crisis! All in a days work. I don't mind, in fact I quite enjoy it. I am now tempted to dress in themes just for the joy of it. I have been planning to wear my knee highs, well they're over the knee but who's counting, for some time now. I rather shocked myself because i didn't know if I dared wear them to college but i received no abuse! Of course i got the stares and look up and down a fair few times but it turns out my college mates are more open minded than i take them for, or just more polite. I apologise for the horrible photo, bad lighting you know.

By the way, the gypsy look is a common theme I will be exploring in the future no doubt.

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WendyB said...

LOL! That jacket is nuts. I need something with a built-in bed so I can lie down. A headrest is not going to cut it. Re photo credits for blogs like that, I am not 100% certain (you'd have to ask the bloggers or at least someone more experienced than I) but I think they are happy if you give them credit and put a link back to their site. But that's just my guess! Don't hold me to it :-)