Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My fashion dream....

Not to be rude by stealing part of an excellent speech but... I have a dream, one in which I live in couture and dress like a crazy person and no-one cares. If I could dress like this I would be a happy clapper no end.

I think in past lives I must have been a Russian peasant, an 18th century royal and a tramp. How diverse of me.

I once tried on as many of Pamela's clothes as i could, just to be annoying, and I thought I looked fabulous. Others may not have agreed. Wouldn't it be amazing just to wear these outfits on a daily basis?!

By the way I will eventually persuade Pamela to post, she is currently a tad afraid but she is lovely and very stylish and amusing, so... yes. Excellent.

Oh apparently you can order a pizza off the Domino's website!!! They deliver it in like 30mins. How amazing! I must have lived a sheltered life not to have known this. Vraiment Splendid!

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