Sunday, 25 October 2009

Always Like This...

... at least I wish it was; this is the sad end of the perfect weekend. Friday I saw my favourite redhead for the first time in far too long, which was perfectly lovely... we went to the beach in the rain, drank, walked and talked until (almost) morning, then saw UP in the cinema the next day, which was hilarious. The only bad thing was that I was there for one night only; definitely not long enough. After I'd made my way home I had a nice evening in with the girls I live with.
I also, inevitably, ended up doing some cheeky shopping in Portsmouth...

Today was my favourite kind of crisp, sunny day and so we went to the park with croissants, Chai Latte and unfortunately for you, a camera..
This is dreadful of me, but I like the photo. My house is practically across the road from this park, and we have this amazing view of all of London... if it isn't too arctic I come and read here.
Loved this guy and his bike... I think he may have seen me taking photos though... no matter!
Pain au Chocolat and Chai Latte... perfect afternoon breakfast.



emily said...

ooh, the lighting's just perfect. :) and yummy, croissants!!

Isabel said...

Hey, you should totally drop me an email if you're at all interested in selling your sequin jacket!


Fabi Pina said...

I'm so jealous of your perfect day at the park! What a lovely place =)

Anonymous said...

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Is This Real Life? said...

Oh super cute pictures!