Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Moment A Love A Dream Aloud A Kiss A Cry

This post isn't really fashion related, I just thought I'd share some pictures with you of Albert Docks in the night time. We wondered down there about half 11 one night, something to do I suppose. It is a lovely place to sit and make shapes out of the clouds, but must be said, it was truly freezing!
The little residential area there looks so lovely. I would love to live in on of the flats. We spied through the windows (asking for it when you don't have curtains) and I loved how the ceilings of the apartments had exposed brick. Yes, I clearly watched too many grand designs in my day.






Awh, young love!

This cold weather just makes me want to snuggle up in some big knitwear with a peppermint tea, so naturally the other day I could not resist the call of a truly Christmas-esque item. Marks and Spencers finest!


Three of us went to Leeds this weekend for a house party. It was a little strange being so close to home but not actually going home. And if I'm honest, I missed Liverpool when I was there!



Is This Real Life? said...

these pictures are really pretty, i've never been but it looks like it would be a great place to visit!

yiqin; said...

The night scene is GORGEOUS!

gem fatale said...

Aww that's gorgeous! I love sneaking peeks into peoples houses! It's my guilty pleasure! x

Anonymous said...

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Winnie said...

So pretty. I've only ever been there in the day...I'm always shocked how much COLDER it is in Liverpool compared to Birmingham!