Sunday, 22 June 2008

It's spelled like Gucky which can be confusing!

I hadn't looked at the Gucci FW collection coz, you know, its Gucci. No offence. Let's say I'm not mature enough to appreciate it. But it is quite nice. They got carried away with the velvet and there's a certain degree of fringing which just isn't acceptable in social circles. I think its the belts and ethnic embellishments and prints that do it for me, and the studded boots - though they're not as good as the Louboutin stunners. It also brings me joy because often FW stuff can be too depressing and bland colour-wise but I can see this translating well to summer wear. Just remove the velvet trousers and you're sorted.

Quick question, is Abbey Lee pure evil?

If you scroll up and down really quickly the carpet is scary.


Sister Libby said...

That second dress is lovely...and I scrolled quickly, to see the carpet. Wow.

The bagel thing was on the OC? I never knew...and I used to be a fan. Hm. And I will be posting pictures...and the idea of fried cheese almost made me start crying in joy. Seriously.

Winnie said...

I love the second dress too and I wouldn't have thought it was Gucci either.

Winnie said...

ps- I've tagged you for your 7 summer songs!

Sharon Rose said...

I love the collection-the carpet is extremely busy-haha!!

coco said...

I adore this collection. I just want to wear it all. The whole styling of the show was spot on!

Times of Glory said...

I think this Gucci collection has a great combination of bohemian and rock-chic image, which I love!

What a great point! Yes, it is a bit scary when I roll up and down quickly... heheeeee xxxx

simply.steph said...

I really do love mstrkrft! so i have to applaud your taste in music. but yeah i totally love the line, and the carpet is sinister.

donna AND navaz said...

And isn't the hair and make-up so awesome?

a side order of style said...

how sad is it that i actually scrolled for a full two minutes, amusing myself with the carpet?
i love the boots in this collection.
& the whole outfit third picture down.....i definitely want pants like that.

-jae, SOS

Katie Rosemary said...

Yey for psycho carpets!
The collection makes me want to go to some sort of pirate festival... I'm not sure how to make a festival piratey though. Perhaps hold it on a ship and have acts like Seasick Steve and Pete and the Pirates?
That carpet really has sent me mad, sorry

That Girl said...

I think this collection is amazing,
You just gotta break and down piece by piece to see how lovely each individual thing is!