Friday, 6 June 2008

So where does everyone summer

In case you were wondering this is, I think, what we look like:

Pamela, Susan and Wendy-May.

Pam's boobs aren't that pointy though.
Actually the only resemblance is the hair colour and length. But it's all change. Wendy-may is going back to her dark roots, Pam may get hers stripped and return to her natural dark blonde for the first time in years so I guess that means I should become a redhead.

And a lovely photo montage of our day in the park. I annoyingly took about a million photos as we went out for a meal the night before to celebrate the end of exams, then sunned ourselves and played cricket in Wendy-May's local park.

There will probably be a few more to come as the meal outfits were rather nice indeed.

Ok shoot me. I'm off to watch Big Brother.


LML said...

what a fun day :)

Sister Libby said...

I love all of the clothes. Really, they make me want to go sit in the grass.

Winnie said...

Looks so wonderfully sunny! It was overcast and grey in Birmingham today, boo.

Sharon Rose said...

Love the tight and dress combos-very stylish, girls!!

<3 fashion chalet said...

great color wheel!!