Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Saturday in our world was pretty brilliant this weekend. We all went to a friends family party, got very drunk and danced the night away! We got to dress up and party, always a wonderful time. And this is what we wore..... Ha! No Wendy-May didn't wear this unfortunately, though i think it looks really cool! We wore this instead.....

Me, Pammy, on the far left - with the pink face wearing everyone elses clothes, the only things that are actually mine are the white top and shoes. Sister A, centre left. Wendy-May, centre right, wearing mostly her own clothes, something i've never grasped the idea of. Brother B, no not brother bear (though i imagine he'd be a lovely friend), far right.

The faces had to be coloured in because no one knows about this blog of our friends. I must point out that our faces aren't that shape, i went around the hair you see.

Anddd last but by no means least, Susan! She will cause me severe pain for using this photo, i predict. I apologise for how terribly it shows her wonderful outfit but i shall not take the blame, she avoids cameras at all costs, unless, i must bring this to attention, she's taking them of herself, so there aren't any decent photos of her to show you. Apologies! By the by, she is curtsying here and has pulled her skirt dress outwards, if you were wondering what on earth was going on. It's a real shame there aren't any photos of the shoes she's wearing as they absolutely fabulous! She shall have to post a photo of them.

Hope everyone else had a wondrous a weekend as we did!


Sharon Rose said...

What a fantastic weekend-You all always wear wonderful tights/leggings-they really make your outfits!!

Molly :] said...

I wish my family parties were so much fun...:)

yiqin; said...

Those tights are AMAZING! You look really good!

Sister Libby said...

Me? Jealous? Pshh...no.
I love that last blue dress. The one where Susan is curtysing. Yes..Susan. YOU. YOU LOOK GOOD! And I do the face block out thing too.