Sunday, 31 January 2010

Come On Skinny Love, What Happened Here?

At the beginning of this week Coco's Tea Party blogged about the S/S10 Balmain collection and the combat skinny pants featured in it. These to be precise:


Like her, I am also a fan of these trousers and thought they would be a nice addition to my little old wardrobe, though I was not on a conscious mission to hunt some out. Therefore, I thought it was ever so nice that when I decided to mooch into the centre of Liverpool yesterday and avoid the usual habit of going into topshop and making myself poor before I had even made it to the L1 shopping centre, I found these trousers in the Zara sale. £10 from £30, nicenice indeed. [Sorry for the uselessness of the photos, my room isn't the best place to take photos]



I love when you stumble upon things, and don't have to go through a mad search, don't you?
Though I must stop spending money! I told myself that the lovely visit to Cicely and Tori would be the end of my shopping for a while but this is a lie. I find myself doing it when I'm stressed, which I slightly am at the moment, trying to find a house for next uni year is pretty tedious and a long process! Going to go get Elle Collections and listen to Bon Iver! Hope you are all well!


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-well done on your find, these fit into this trend perfectly!!

Is This Real Life? said...

love the trousers they look really pretty!

Winnie said...

Those are a really really nice find!

thimbles and gingham said...

these are great. i love the black on the inside of the legs.

GraceFace said...

They are gorgeous :D

Phoebe Rose said...

love those trousers! and..omg i love bon iver!! enjoy elle collections - the new issue is great!

AMIT said...

Liked this pictures.

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