Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I'm Not Whole

New Shoes! - all cost under a £10. Happy happy days.
Leather Shorts; lederhosen. I wanted them for aaages then they were £5 in the sale. You can hardly say no!

More bargain purchases you cannot refuse.

I definitely have an addiction to shopping at the moment. The amount of clothes I have and the amount of money i have do not go well together nicely. Tomorrows mission is to tidy my tip of a bedroom and find a few things I can ebay, so I can sleep easier at night.
I'm sorry this post is very short and i'm highly unsatisfied with it ( I wanted to dress up in all my new purchases and take some cool photos) but i've had an emotional couple of days; family things, my boyfriend leaving for a week and worst of all having to say goodbye to Cicely and Sally after a most wonderful long weekend together. So i'm just not feeling up to it, but did have the urge to post something. I will post again soon with something alot better, i promise.
Now does anyone have any brilliant ideas i can steal for my latest Uni project? I have to fill a sketchbook with stuff relating to a theme, which has to relate to a journey. Such as a caterpillars journey to becoming a butterfly, or a physical journey from place to place, like London to Paris. I just cannot think of a thing. Sally thought of a dragonfly but i have to have primary and secondary sources; I dunno where one would find a dragonfly.... Cheers if you can help!
Tori x


emily said...

ooh, leather shorts! i can't wait to see how you style those... and what about the journey of a book? from being written, edited, published, and then sold and read? or even a magazine... i don't really know what you're looking for. :/

Walk The Sand said...

Got those shorts too. Couldn't believe they were only £5... awesome.
Nice blog.

AMIT said...

This is really a nice picture.

lingerie today

Claire said...

Leather shorts - good work, I've seen them featured on The Times!!

You could find a dragonfly at a science museum?

Journey - birds migrating, child to adult, the daily commute, the Orient Express...